Looking to trade this pistol mags and loader that I don't use for mags I will use

As far as I can tell its one metalform 9mm 1911 mag one I think wilson combat base plate 45 mag but it seem to be broken as it wont lock into a 1911 so parts only ..One I think maybe p11 mags but ? on that and one I think storm mags bretta 9mm but again ? and one 10 round glock 40cal mags the paycmare I am not sure 10 round dimpled but not sure maybe hi power or 92 ??? . The speedloader are all 587 hks marked

Looking toward trading all or some toward :

1. Factory glock 9mm mags either glock 17 or 19
2. Sig mags 229-1 , 229, 226 , 230 , 239 would be fine looking for factory or mecgear
3. s&w factory or mecgear mags 59 or 69
4. good spyderco or the like knifes

I belive all but one mag is under 10 round so can ship all but the bretta mag anywhere in the USA . I am looking mainly to trading toward people who have been here a while for reason of safty so if you only have one or two post please pm first

Shipping ? I pay mine you pay yours is my thinking

Thanks !