I've had these mags for a while now. Kept them loaded for a few days.
Have never even tried them or shot them with my 9 Compact.

Like with any CZ mags I've sold. Try them out for a week.
If they don't run 100% in your Compact. Send them back, no
questions asked.

Asking $80 shipped.

Like New X2 Sub-Compact Tactical Light.

Tried it on my M&P Compact. Want to go with a bigger light for my G19,
as this one looks too small.


Perfect for your M&P C or other gun

$80 shipped.

Walther PPK holster from DeSantis.

Model O65 paddle in Black. Excellent condition.

Ask for Pics. $80 from DeSantis.

Asking $50 shipped.

Brothers In Arms: HELL'S HIGHWAY.
WW2 Action at it's Finest!

$35 shipped.

"The Colt Single Action Revolvers: A Shop Manual Volumes 1 & 2" Book by Jerry Kuhnhausen
Pristine condition, I never cracked it open.

Sells for $35 on Midway plus shipping.

Now $33 shipped from me.

EMAILS Only please, as I might not check PMs.

Money orders only please. No PP sorry.

[email protected]

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