I have had the wonderful pleasure of owning a very special pistol for the past few months (I'm in Austin, Texas), the Kahr MK40 Elitel 2003 Stainless Steel Slide and Frame edition. I bought it brand new and unfortunately I need funds right now, and although this is one of my top 3 all time favorite CCWs... I have to sell it (not my desired way to go about making money but it is necessary and I really don't have a choice as I am a college student with many bills to pay off, they seem to stack up pretty quickly) I had to choose a pistol to let go =(

It is an all Stainless Steel semi-automatic pistol that is EXTREMELY accurate and looks and performs in top shape. In fact, it is very, very surprisingly accurate for it's barrel length in .40 S&W, and I imagine the 9mm MK9 has very similar accuracy, if not then slightly better if I had to guess from all of my past research. I take exceptional care of my handguns. I detail clean and buff them before I fire them for the first time and I clean them thoroughly and oil them correctly soon after EVERY firing range session. No matter if I fired 5 rounds or 200 rounds, they all get cleaned after even one shot while I own them. It is in absolutely excellent shape. I remember my father once taught me many years ago that if you cannot keep safe and maintain an item that has a lot of value in great shape, then you should not own it. The MK40 is for concealed carry so when I purchased it I wanted the most reliable CCW possible in a very compact .40 S&W cartridge. I had heard multiple rumors about the polymer PM series giving people problems and issues with quality control (QC) but they seem to have dissipated and the Stainless Steel slide and frame models have not had any problems that I have heard of or that I have experienced myself. I have NEVER had a FTF with this pistol, it is an impressive and powerful little piece. The Kahr MK40 is the thinnest and most compact pistol with a Stainless Steel slide and frame and it delivers! (It is 4.0 inches tall, 5.3 inches long, and 0.94 inches wide, with 5+1 .40 S&W rounds in the regular magazines, and 6+1 of .40 S&W with a mag extension)

This MK40 package comes with the original case, with 1x5 round magazine + another 6 round magazine that has the extension. This one is already worn in perfectly for you for a reliable CCW with approximately 350 round through it +/- 25 rounds. I only shot WWB and Speer Gold Dot ammo through it, with not one failure to feed! It is dead reliable. I was a little bit concerned about the quality control because I have heard enough negative experiences with Kahr's quality control (QC) issues in the past with their polymer models to worry me a little. I didn't know if this applied to the Stainless Steel models as well so I took a chance and it worked out beautifully.

These pistols are difficult to find at the moment and I am asking $$675 + shipping to your FFL dealer which will be approximately $35 I accept Paypal (you must add 3.5% to the cost if you choose to use this method but you will receive the pistol much faster), Personal check (I will wait until it clears for me to ship it), or a Money Order (I can ship the same day it clears when I deposit it). You must include all of your shipping information with whatever form of payment you choose to use. You can do this by putting it in your Paypal payment info if you pay by Paypal, or just email it to me at:

[email protected]

There are only two Kahr MK40 Elite 2003 pistols for sale at the moment on Gunbroker.com. The Elite 2003 models have very high quality, special attention given to them including polishing and laser work with a smooth, consistent trigger.

$755 + shipping/FFL fees w/o Night Sights:

$859 +shipping/FFL fees with Night Sights:
Kahr MK40 Elite 2003 Night Sights NIB M4048NA : Semi-auto at GunBroker.com

Shipping will be approximately $35 to your FFL

You will have to send your FFL dealer my dealer's FFL license and vice versa by fax and we will arrange the transaction in this manner.

Again, this is a VERY fine firearm and not very easy to come by, especially in the Elite 2003 Polished Stainless Steel model.

Thank you for your time and if you have any questions you may reach me at 1-(713)-703-3053 M-TH, anytime except 12 PM - 5 PM Central Standard time.

Pictures of my MK40 Elite 2003 SS

With magazine extention (6+1 .40 S&W):

Without magazine extention shown on bottom left, one foot ruler to the left of both pistols, top one is an H&K 45 Compact:

Here is a picture of a Comp-Tac 2 o'clock IWB Kydex holster that I will let go for $40 (They are $60 + shipping new from Comp-Tac).

This next picture gives a good idea of how thin this tiny MK40 can be concealed with the Comp-Tac 2 O'clock IWB Kydex holster with the standard 5+1 .40 S&W: (In a Smartcarry holster the MK40 will literally feel like it has disappeared. It no longer rides anywhere on your hip, on your belly, in your pocket, or anywhere else that conventional holster makers design.

Please PM me with any questions or offers. Thank you.