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Should Find A New Line Of Work

Thread: Should Find A New Line Of Work

  1. SatCong's Avatar

    SatCong said:

    Should Find A New Line Of Work

    Heroic Kentucky hotel clerk turns the tables on armed robber, grabs his gun

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  2. Hoganbeg's Avatar

    Hoganbeg said:
    Wow, that was a gimmie!
    " politics in Washington and elsewhere grows increasingly un-moored from reality, humanist wisdom provides us with one final consolation: There is no greater lesson from the past than the intractability of human folly." Heather Mac Donald
  3. OldChap's Avatar

    OldChap said:
    Terminal stupidity at it's finest.

    And to listen to some folks describe criminals as "smart."
    "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits."
  4. Rockymonster's Avatar

    Rockymonster said:
    Too bad she didn’t shoot him.....or at least pistol whip him.....
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  5. 1942bull's Avatar

    1942bull said:
    One well placed bullet would have made on more alto for the prison choir.
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  6. msgt/ret's Avatar

    msgt/ret said:
    Apparently he slept through his Armed Robbery 101 class.
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  7. Encore2016's Avatar

    Encore2016 said:
    There must have been at least one round in the chamber or the mag since he ran off ... unless 'John Dillinger' forgot it it was loaded or not.