School resource officer stops a potential school shooting

School resource officer stops a potential school shooting

This is a discussion on School resource officer stops a potential school shooting within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Just saw this story out of Wisconsin. Looks like the kid wanted to commit suicide by cop.

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Thread: School resource officer stops a potential school shooting

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    School resource officer stops a potential school shooting

    Just saw this story out of Wisconsin.
    Looks like the kid wanted to commit suicide by cop.

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    Sounds like adults addressed the situation, tried their best, and ended it without escalation.
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    School resource officer stops a potential school shooting

    I couldn’t help but go to the article linked in the article about mental illness and found this statement interesting:

    ““Blaming mental illness for the gun violence in our country is simplistic and inaccurate and goes against the scientific evidence currently available,” Arthur C. Evans, CEO of the American Psychological Association, said in a statement. “Americans own nearly half of the estimated 650 million civilian-owned guns in the world. Access to this final, fatal tool means more deaths that occur more quickly whether in a mass shooting or in someone’s own home.””

    So in his opinion it is more scientific to blame access to an inanimate object than the person committing the action. Yet if access is to blame then why aren’t there millions of mass shootings. That is like saying ban cars because because access to cars yield more deadly accidents. Just shows that those who study the violence are not interested in finding a cause and therefore the violence problem in the US will just keep continuing to grow.
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    @SOS24 The analysis of the head of the APA, a failed organization at this point, is flawed on so many levels. The US has more guns in the hands of citizens in any nation period. We have much lower suicide rates than other first world nations. Mass shootings are still rare, and the common denominator still involves well documented mental issues with the vast majority of the shooters. Actual mass murderers, and not the added in gang members (who are psychopaths with no emotions who won't be diagnosed as mentally ill).

    His fear does show clearly. By so many people having guns, it makes them an interesting guerilla force to fight against the tyrants that are indeed openly attempting to disarm us. Should, at this point, the politicians attempt to disarm the populace, there will be blood shed. The question comes down to how will the angry armed populace take action? If this group acts rationally, the power grid will collapse in many regions. Another thread has an interesting video on one person's take on various scenarios as to how that would play out. Collapsing the power grid causes chaos. Mass chaos. I've seen it in person. I live in a relatively peaceful place, and when we had an accident basically blow up a good portion of the power grid here, it was fascinating to watch.

    People were lost. They lost their cell service as well as the power. No lines of communication were available and that caused many to be agitated. This happened almost a decade ago now, and people were not as addicted to their online devices as they are now. People just don't know how to live without it in the cities. I don't even live in a large city, and I began to wonder what might happen.

    The reaction today would be worse. I cannot even begin to think of how large cities would devolve into pure utter madness and chaos. We would literally have cities being burned to the ground by the people living in them. It's happened already on a smaller scale in certain communities in my lifetime. The military (what remains of it) and police forces would be hard pressed to contain any breakouts of mass violence in the major cities. Not without massive use of force to contain the mobs.

    Quite frankly, I hope this communist train derails and burns itself up before a second civil war becomes inevitable. Too many lives will be lost, and the outcome will end up being decided by the fighting force that survives the initial madness. The openly communist elected officials are trying to slowly disarm people so they can seize power and prevent the bloodshed of their power base. Victory by degrees of change instead of outright conquest.
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    Good to see the SRO was a hero and not like Scot Peterson, the Parkland coward.
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