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Saying this as nicely as I can... You're very lucky, could have gone a different way.

I was up home one weekend during the second part of EOD School, and I went to see a high school friend I hadn't seen since going in the Army (about 2 1/2 years previously). I noticed he had a partial loss of two fingers on his left hand, asked him what happened, and he replied he was trying to make his own black powder, and wasn't sure what he did wrong. What made it more ironic he was the buddy I spent a lot of time with playing with firecrackers, cherry bombs, and M-80s... (After a few questions, I was able to explain what I thought he might have done wrong.)
Yep, young and dumb teenager but I did follow the directions exactly especially the part of mixing the ingredients wet. Living in coal mining country did have a little experience with explosives mostly dynamite and AMFO, usually for removing stumps. One thing that was always fun was watching the road crew building I-75, always amazed me how when they set off the charges there was just a dull whump then the whole rock face would move forward then just collapse in a pile.