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This is a discussion on I'll drink to that! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Russian Kulalusion..... Originally Posted by OD* It's not terrible, if you keep it cold enough, like 2 degrees above freezing. Originally Posted by OldVet But ...

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Thread: I'll drink to that!

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    Russian Kulalusion.....

    Quote Originally Posted by OD* View Post
    It's not terrible, if you keep it cold enough, like 2 degrees above freezing.
    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    But close. Stroh's is another one. Nothing will un-constipate you faster.
    Schaefer and Schaefer lite, worst EVER. As a poor college student (...and we weren't too picky either), I found a handle of this on sale...... couldn't finish the first one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LimaCharlie View Post
    When I was at Camp Tien Sha - Da Nang, Viet Nam in 1966, the Enlisted Men's club was a large tent. They got a huge shipment of some brand of beer that nobody had ever heard of before. Cases of it were stacked as high as the tent walls around the inside of the tent. It tasted like formaldehyde smelled in biology class in high school. They were selling it for ten cents a can and it wasn't selling. They dropped it to five cents a can and it still didn't sell very well. When they were giving it away, many people still didn't want it. It was impossible to drink enough of it to get a buzz on.
    When I was in Vietnam we welcomed any beer we could get. On the outlying posts there was no way to get anything. Around major headquarters areas the PX Class 6 stores sold beer for $2.40 per case, but supplies were frequently limited and selection was poor. Our ration cards limited each soldier to either 4 cases of beer or 4 bottles of booze per month (and 4 cartons of cigarettes, $1.90 per carton at the PX), and a lot of horse trading went on (non smokers trading their tobacco ration for another guy's booze ration, etc).

    When we could get beer that was only one part of the problem. Refrigeration was not commonly available for the troops. Ice was seldom available. CO2 fire extinguishers were kept under lock and key to prevent us from putting a 6-pack in a sand bag and discharging the fire extinguisher in the sand bag to chill the beer.

    At one base where I was assigned there was a nearby Marine aviation wing with F4 Phantom fighters. We cut a deal with the marines so we could take 8 cases of beer to be strapped into the front seat of a F4, then run up to 35000 feet for a half-hour or so, coming back down nice and chilly. We kept 4 cases, the marines kept 4 cases. Problem solved (leaving only the necessity of drinking quickly before the beer warmed back up to ambient temperature).

    Of course, the operating costs of the F4 were about $30,000 per hour, so we really should thank the American taxpayers for providing us with cool refreshment!

    At Marble Mountain Field, near Da Nang, we were right on the ocean so we could keep a few beers in a sandbag submerged in cool water of the South China Sea. At least there we had EM and NCO clubs with refrigerated beer available for $0.25 apiece, but club hours were restricted to evening hours so if you were working a late tour you might never have the opportunity to enjoy the club.

    Much of the time I had to content myself with Canadian Club whiskey, which was tolerable without ice or chilling, and only cost $1.90 per quart at the Class 6 store.

    I remember one commander who frequently sent out cold beer with resupply runs to guys in the field, but only two cans per troop (pretty obvious reason for that).

    Some of the challenges I had to overcome 50 years ago!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    Must have been a bad run of Ballantine the brewerey paid someone to take off their hands. As I recall it was decent stuff, on a par with the other NYC are brands - Rheingold and Schaeffer. I think Ballantine went under in the early 70s, although their India Pale Ale never went away - probably sold the label to someone else.
    Well there's the problem. Never use Hudson River water to brew beer.
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