Are you a single issue voter when it comes to the 2A?

Are you a single issue voter when it comes to the 2A?

This is a discussion on Are you a single issue voter when it comes to the 2A? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't always a single issue voter, but I am now (and have been for awhile). When it ...

View Poll Results: When it comes to the 2A, are you a single issue voter?

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  • Yes, I am a single issue voter when it comes to the 2A.

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  • No, I am not a single issue voter. Other issues are more important to me.

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Thread: Are you a single issue voter when it comes to the 2A?

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    Are you a single issue voter when it comes to the 2A?

    I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't always a single issue voter, but I am now (and have been for awhile). When it comes to the 2A, I will not compromise. I know we have had some discussions about this issue in the past, but I could not find a poll on the topic. So I ask, are you a single issue voter?

    The other day, I saw this article in the LA Slimes (LA Times), by George Skelton, who is obviously very left wing.

    Gun control has been doomed by single-issue voters. Will that ever change?

    SACRAMENTO — Americans say they want meaningful national gun controls. But they don’t want them badly enough — or they’d already have them.
    This is what I mean:

    Sure, voters tell pollsters Congress should pass legislation to toughen up background checks on gun buyers. Most even want to ban military-style assault weapons.

    But gun control is far down the list of voters’ priorities. Many other policy issues rank higher: immigration, jobs, schools, climate change.…

    But the other side is rigidly committed. The gun zealots — those mesmerized by the power of firearms — tend to be “single-issue” voters who are inspired by the National Rifle Assn. Their No. 1 litmus test for any candidate is the politician’s position on gun rights.
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    It would depend on the person. I never thought Trump would say “Red Flag” but it happened. What if more than one were pro 2 A - the lesser of the evils I reckon?

    It’s a trust issue with me and none of them can be trusted so far as I can see. I don’t know until it gets down to it but I’ll never vote for a baby killer that is a make it or break it with me personally so a democrat is out of the question. I’m registered Independent [was GOP, Bush(s) changed that].
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    The 2A is very important to me. But, I don't always see issues as being mutually exclusive. Take Immigration. I live in a border state. I am abhorred at the Left's concept of "open" borders. Between the open borders, free education, free healthcare, free universal income, I can see everyone outside of the USA wanting to illegally immigrate to the USA at my expense. The USA cannot provide a global social safety net. I'm not in favor of that either. Fortunately, candidates that support strong borders tend to also support the 2A.
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    I am a single issue voter when it comes to 2A. I will vote for the primary candidate that is less likely to infringe our rights based on their stated platforms regarding gun control. Fortunately, in a general election, I have yet to find a Dem candidate that even remotely aligns with any of my values. So that decision is simple.
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    I answered that I am a single issue voter, but I have to give a few caveats:
    • We don't have many politicians who are 100% RTKABA anymore, so I am more of a "single issue, lesser of two evils" voter. BTW, I think it is interesting that some people vilify Trump for taking anti-gun stances, but still defend and support the NRA even though it has taken some of the same stances and it is supposed to be the bastion of pro-RTKABA.
    • I got a wise bit of advice from a senior legislator at the January Lobby Day. He said, "The key to winning for gun rights is to get people out to the polls, get them to vote. The left has sold us on the false idea that the more people turn out to vote, the more liberal the vote will be. It isn't true, except when "get out the vote" efforts are targeted only at inner cities. Overall, elections with the highest voter turnout tend to favor conservatives. So just get people you know to the polls. Most of them will do the right thing."
    • Other issues are also important to me, but I think gun rights is the hardest thing for politicians to support. If they truly support the RTKABA, I think it is more likely they will be right on other issues. Gun rights is kind of litmus test for me as to whether a politician really believes in the Constitution and is willing to fight for it. And I think getting back to the Constitution is the #1 thing we could do to get our country back on all issues.
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    Single issue voter. Other things don't change much no matter who is in office, but 2A rights are being attacked on a daily basis.
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    Without 2A none of our other rights are secure.
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    Gun-control/2A position is a major deciding factor though, all else being equal. Anti-gun position is a definite No-Vote, except here that may not be any "Pro-gun" positions--Mast, Scott, Rubio...
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    Candidates who support the Second Amendment tend to also be supportive of other issues I hold near and dear, so it's not exactly single-issue voting, but close enough to say yes in the survey.
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    No, not a single issue voter. However, most of the important items seem to coagulate together.
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    No. I am not.
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    I have to vote yes. In 1994 I was a senior in high school, it was the first year I was old enough to buy guns on my own, and it was the year of the clinton AWB. That's the year I became politically aware, that's the year I permanently rejected the democratic party. The rest of my politics took shape around the gun issue. I figured the world view that wants to disarm the peasants, isn't selling anything I want to pickup.
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    I am a single-issue issue is the character and actions of the candidate. And I rarely vote for the same candidate twice.

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    I am still in shock that the 2A, let alone most amendments, are an issue. After listening to a few minutes of Face The Nation this morning, I am concerned that any person in elected office has lost their way. This continued 'opposition strategics' is a complete departure of governance. The result is all the hand wringing and verbal noise that inundates everyone life.

    Simply ridiculous. I'm going to attend my first Orange County Republican committee meeting this month to see if the ground/base is just as crazy.
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    I tend to look at it this way: once we lose our Second Amendment Rights, they are NEVER coming back.

    After that, any/all other Unalienable Rights we had will fall like dominoes. (What would prevent it ?)

    I fervently hope I do not live to see it happen, but that won't do much for my kids/grand kids
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