Anthony Scaramucci predicts trump will not run for reelection

Anthony Scaramucci predicts trump will not run for reelection

This is a discussion on Anthony Scaramucci predicts trump will not run for reelection within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Says he will be primaried by the GOP and they will drop out when they do not support him. Guess he knows his stuff. He ...

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Thread: Anthony Scaramucci predicts trump will not run for reelection

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    Anthony Scaramucci predicts trump will not run for reelection

    Says he will be primaried by the GOP and they will drop out when they do not support him.
    Guess he knows his stuff. He served as Trumps Director of Communications for 10 long days! LOL
    Spent a lot of time with him. knows him inside and out.
    If the GOP ever did anything that stupid, they would lose every Trump supporter.
    We deplorables would destroy the Republican party.
    Just when the democrats are coming apart with infighting, this would be the deadly blow to Republicans in 2020
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    What you suggest has only happened five times in the history of the country, the last being Chester Arthur in 1884. It has only happened once to a president who was elected (the other four succeeded on the death of the elected president.) That was Franklin Pierce in 1856.

    The current betting odds, updated only a few minutes ago, have Trump with a 90.5% chance of getting the nomination, with #2 being Pence, at only 2.3%. Trump has a 47.2% chance of winning the general election, with the #2 being Warren at only 13.3%.

    So I see this as Scaramucci trying to attract attention. Nothing more.
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    Because he was an "insider" (even though it was only 10 days) he thinks, and tries to convince everyone else, that he knows something. The media are playing him, building his ego, and trying to get the sheeple to listen to him because it meets their agenda. In truth, he knows nothing, and anything he says is pure speculation/wishful thinking on his part. Can you say sour grapes because his a$$ was unceremoniously dumped by Mr. Trump?
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    I think he'll run and win again, but I sure wouldn't blame him if he didn't. There's nobody in the communist camp that can come close to beating him - but mooshelle hasn't made her move yet.
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    I'd like to think that Trump will win easily, but we are a long ways from the election.
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    I predict thats "fake news".
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    The guy couldn't keep his job for one complete two week pay cycle. Why would I listen to him?
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    There again....Use a story...ANY STORY to infuriate the Trump voter base and keep them ready to overwhelm the polls.

    If this story had never run, nobody would know or care who this guy is. Can you spell obscurity?
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    I can see Trump not running again, but because he doesn't want too.

    Never put anything above Trump. Trump is in it for Trump.

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    Nobody gives a DAMN what the Mooch thinks - about ANYTHING.
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    Scaramucci is trying to stay relevant in a world of irrelevancy.
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    mooch is some weird Trump foil. It's hard to tell if he's part of a show or just a whack job. He is prob angling to get a major propaganda media job.
    He was either a mole into the Trump campaign and booted, or a mole for Trump going into the propaganda media. Has he been compromised and leveraged by some group? I think he sold his investment outfit to China.

    As usual we never get the real story.

    But for the 1 term Trump? I cannot see any possibility of Trump getting successfully primaried, not even coming close to mounting any challenge. No way in H.E. double hockey sticks. He was thoroughly vetted for years already for any dirt and already battled the GOP establishment RINOs by going around them straight to the people. I cannot imagine any new bombshell now. Who the heck would even be in a position to challenge him? Bizarre. This has to be a show.

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    Anthony Scaramucci predicts trump will not run for reelection-step-down.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by LimaCharlie View Post
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Step Down.jpg 
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    I just stole that one!
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