Dog shoots owner

Dog shoots owner

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Thread: Dog shoots owner

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    Dog shoots owner

    This is different. Should have had the gun properly stored.

    Woman shot after Labrador retriever steps on gun inside pickup truck, police say

    An Oklahoma woman was shot in the leg after a Labrador retriever stepped on a loaded gun while she and the dog's owner were in a pickup truck waiting for a train to pass.

    Police officers from the Enid Police Department were dispatched to North 10th Street after dispatchers received a 911 call stating that the lab, named Molly, had caused the gun to discharge a bullet into the passenger's left thigh, according to a police report.

    The driver told the officers that the trio were heading to see his brother when Molly jumped from the backseat onto the center console, causing his .22-caliber Ruger pistol to fire, according to the report.
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    What's that they say about "keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction?"

    Ya gotta think for the dog too when it comes to firearms.
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    Suspicious story , if they blamed a cat it would be totally believable

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    Quote Originally Posted by flh View Post
    Suspicious story , if they blamed a cat it would be totally believable
    That's a very good reason why a Glock serving as nightstand gun in my house sits in a Remora holster. I have a cat that snoops around at night and I don't want him sticking a paw inside the trigger guard of a striker fired gun with a round chambered.
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    No law against dogs shooting people

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    Had a dog shoots pickup once...

    Guy was pheasant hunting when it started to rain. He tossed the shotgun in the truck and then the dog.
    Put a load of #4 shot through the radio and cut the main wiring harness behind the dash. He got his truck back around $3000 later.
    Would have liked to be a fly on the wall when he tried to explain that one to his insurance.
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    That would be quite the conversation starter.

    What happened to you?

    My dog shot me.

    No, really.
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    Will the dog be red flagged? Will he go on the "Prohibited Canines" list? It's not so "far fetched" (intentional bad pun). People have registered dogs to run for office and they have wound up on the ballot.
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    I'm a dog lover and enjoyed John Wick.
    Now that Dog Wick is funny.
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    Dog probably figured she needed shooting...
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    Quote Originally Posted by flh View Post
    Suspicious story , if they blamed a cat it would be totally believable
    Yes, if the story had said that a Dog had shot a carjacker I might have believed it.

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    This seems to happen often.DR

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