Paranormal experiences and spooky stories?

Paranormal experiences and spooky stories?

This is a discussion on Paranormal experiences and spooky stories? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Anyone ever see any spirits or live in an actual haunted house? The building I work in is fairly haunted. I work in a steel ...

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Thread: Paranormal experiences and spooky stories?

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    Paranormal experiences and spooky stories?

    Anyone ever see any spirits or live in an actual haunted house? The building I work in is fairly haunted. I work in a steel making area that's had a lot of deaths. Me and others here have seen people in older work uniforms walking around only to vanish through a closed door or wall along with the opening and closing of doors by themselves.

    An old hospital I worked security at back in 2008 and 09 had its share of spirit activity. Hospital beds in the hallway have been known move and turn corners while being pushed by an invisible force. A nurse that passed several years prior has haunted the building as well. I've seen her on the floor where people are not supposed to be after 11pm only to vanish into one of the other rooms. I've caught moving mist like things on camera moving around at times as well. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to copy the footage due to policy.

    Anyone else have ghost stories?
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    I don't think you got the right equipment to deal with all that. Sounds like you need to call the Ghostbusters.

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    I think all of that stuff is BS personally.
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    After my last dog died, I kept catching glimpses of her scooting around the house. Not wanting to appear nuts, I didn't say anything to the Boss. One day she said she keeps seeing Daisy in the house. I almost fell over.

    Neither of us see her anymore. I guess she finally moved on to that doghouse in the sky.
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    I grew up in a big old unique house that had all kinds of natural noises that you would notice at night. Once my parents were empty nesters, they put it up for sale and they got a contract on it right away from a gal who was married to a doctor. She said she had wanted that house since she was a girl.

    My oldest younger brother is one of the great BS artists of all time. At one point when we were helping our parents move out, the lady who bought the house was over there and my brother told her this tall tale about the ghost who inhabited the house. He told her a full backstory on the ghost, when he would appear, what kinds of sounds he made, etc.

    Years later, my daughter was friends with a couple of this lady's kids, so she was over there from time to time. The lady of the house was still telling that same story my brother made up and she claimed she had seen the ghost. I don't think she was BS'ing. She wasn't that kind of person. I think she really believed it.
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    I had a cat that showed up at my mothers and formed a very strong attachment to me. Eventually, I took her home. She had several extra toes and a purplish hue. The hue led to me naming her “Purple.”

    For a cat, she had some very odd characteristics. She used to follow me into the shower and sit in in the shower with me. I regularly picked her up and held her in front of the spray nozzle to wash her belly.

    She would also come to the bed late at night and bat at my shoulder until I lifted the blankets. She would then curl up against my back. It eventually got to the point that I would not even fully wake up when I let her under the covers.

    Yes, this cat story is going somewhere.

    One of the many times I was working out of town I had a very strange experience. I dreamed that she batted my shoulder, I lifted the covers, and I felt her curl up aginst my back.

    This was such an odd dream that I mentioned it to my wife on the phone.

    . . . she went very quiet, then said, “Your cat died last night.”

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    I think the creepiest place I have ever been was the Clay County Museum located in the old hospital in Clay Center, KS. The 1920's construction building was a medical time capsule from the 1950/60's, with some old west museum exhibits thrown in for good measure. It was pretty clear that there were a lot more residents/visitors than who paid admission each day. My father even commented on the "air" of the place...

    When I was Active Duty Army, I visited Gettysburg and Antietam quite in depth and was perfectly at ease. Perhaps a fellow "man of arms" is made to feel comfortable as such places? However, Fort Riley has one of the historic Officer Quarters townhouses that they have boarded-up and don't use due to "issues" experienced by anybody who tries to live there.
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    I didn't believe in these things much...then.

    About 2 decades ago I am over at a good friends house having dinner. Jamie lived in an old mansion built in 1786. It has QUITE the history. There were five of us sitting at the table when an older lady dressed in turn of the century clothes walked right by the dining room door. Clear as day. She had a cat follow her. I mentioned the lady, thinking one of Jamie's friends was joining us for dinner ( I did NOT mention the cat). He looks up from his meal smiling and says, "did you see the cat too?" which point I got a little weirded out (hair standing on my neck as I type this)...So, I reply "yes, did you get a cat?"...His reply? " No, I don't have a cat, but he always follows her"...

    A minute later, Jamie goes and gets a portrait of a woman and shows it to me....Yes, that's probably her. Where did you get the portrait? He tells us he painted it himself...It's a portrait of the lady that inhabits the house with him.

    So, he tells us his story about his ghost, and how he saw her so often when he first bought the house that he made the opinions of "spirits" and ghosts changed after that evening.
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    There's no such thing as ghosts, ghouls or any other malarkey. If there were, there'd be empirical evidence and there simply is NOT.

    What there is, are people who think they saw or felt something which in EVERY case can be explained away in a rational manner.

    That being said, I better go deal with the goblins who are disturbing the pixies in the backyard...
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    My family's home is inhabited by spirits. I'm not gonna say haunted, cause to me, haunted means evil spirits and these are not evil. Many times, things will move on their own, things will disappear and re-appear later, I have personally seen smokey figure in the house and a lot of time, you can smell cigar smoke real strong and nobody has smoked in that house. My mom and her bothers and sister have seen entities when they were young. These ghosts are friendly and some like playing pranks. Since 1873, there have been 6 adults and 3 children die in this house. Perhaps one of the children is the one that likes to play pranks, but I have been told that one of male adults was a big prankster, so who knows. When my daughter was about 6, she kept telling us there was someone in her room and things would move on their own and a couple times, a shoe would fly across the room. In the 5 years that we lived there, a shadow person has attached itself to my daughter and has followed us to the other two places that we moved to. Again, this is not a evil spirit and has not done anything, according to my daughter, it's just always where she is at. My daughter is now 20 and she still sees it.
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    In general I don't much believe in "ghost" but I do believe evil exist such as in like Satan. I have lived in a house when I was around 13 that had shadows of what appeared to be of human for so bad at night you had to cover mirrors and cabinet doors would find there way open alot (new cabinets had been installed and leveled) but I always found a reason for it and just didnt fall into it being supernatural. Had a close friend who was a deputy sheriff that shot his wife 6 times with a 9mm, me and my wife cleaned the home for his family and had a couple strange things happen there and in general it was a very strange feeling be in there but he was a close friend so that probably had alot to do with it.

    I believe pretty much what the bible says about the dead and supernatural. Did have a aunt who thought her house was haunted once but then again she also thought she was a witch, after a stay in a mental institution she seemed to do better.

    I do like the supernatural tv series. the local news did catch what looked like an angel go into a hospital room and the child who was sick got better a while back.
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    My wife and I were in the market to buy a home. The realtor showed us one in a very nice area. It was empty with no furniture. My wife and the realtor were together in one area. I walked into a bedroom and walked across the room to look out the window.

    I felt like something hit me in the gut and almost knocked my breath out. I felt very hot and very cold at the same time. I felt like I was going to throw up and mess my pants. It was by far the worst felling I ever had.

    I caught up with my wife and the realtor and told my wife we needed to leave. She was upset because she was thinking this was the one. When we got in the car, I told her about my feeling in the bedroom next to the window. She thought I was going crazy.

    A few weeks later my best friend and his new wife told us they had bought a new home and invited us over for dinner. We pulled up in front of the address they gave us and then I realized it was the house we had looked at. We didn’t say anything about us looking at their new house. They gave us a tour. I didn’t go into that bedroom.

    Shortly after that, my friend was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma cancer. He spent time in the hospital and then they sent him home with hospice care. His wife called me and said he was very near death. My wife and I went to their house. My best friend was in a hospital bed in front of that window. I was kneeling in the exact spot holding his hand when he died.
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    For most of my life I have never believed in ghosts, however, where I work I have seen some very strange things that have made me reconsider that. Seems about half the people believe there is a ghost and half the people don’t.
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    The ghost hunting people spent nearly a week at a house near is in Thomasville Ga. They didn't find any ghosts.

    I've talked to priests about this subject. I have mixed feelings about this stuff.

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    I think this one of those things you really have to experience to believe. Kinda like UFOs. I read the accounts and see some fuzzy video, but no actual physical evidence exists. At least none that we know about. I do believe people see these things and I have no doubt they are telling the truth. I have yet to encounter anything paranormal or other worldly. Maybe some day I will. Thanks to all who shared their experiences with us.
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