What is your scariest movie ever?

What is your scariest movie ever?

This is a discussion on What is your scariest movie ever? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Was there a movie that really got to you? Gave you goose bumps? Gave you nightmares? Tell us about it. Was it one from your ...

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Thread: What is your scariest movie ever?

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    What is your scariest movie ever?

    Was there a movie that really got to you? Gave you goose bumps? Gave you nightmares? Tell us about it. Was it one from your childhood? The scariest one for me was "The Mummy". I was probably 10 or 12 when a friend and I watched it late one night on TV. Freaked us both out.
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    Mine had to have been “Jaws”, I took a female friend to the movie and everything was fine until that head floated out of the hole in the boat. The next thing I knew she let out scream then grabbed me by the neck and jumped in my lap, she scared me more than the movie.
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    Forbidden Planet. Yeah, I know I am reaching WAAAAY back, but the movie scared the stuffing's outta me as a kid.

    A few fun facts - there is NO music score. It is all strange, alien type noises and sounds, the movie has a very young Leslie Nielson in one of his first major roles, the invisible monster when seen in the defensive fire was actually the line drawing art animated with the colors changed, and the movie was basically the foundation for the later Star Trek, Star Wars movies.

    But as a kid, all I knew was that was one scary movie...
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    “Jaws” scared me to my core... but probably because I was six. It was raining the night I saw it and I remember being scared that sharks could swim through the rain.

    “The Exorcist” is probably the scariest to me as far as that genre goes.
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    The Wizard of Oz when I was a kid. The witch terrified me.

    The Exorcist as an adult. I could not sleep after seeing it.
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    I could barely watch, nauseatingly scary and the show lasted way too long.
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    Quote Originally Posted by G26Raven View Post
    The Exorcist as an adult. I could not sleep after seeing it.
    My wife wigged out at the Exorcist, but I think Taxi Driver was the most frightening movie.

    It gives me the willies to think that there might be uncountable numbers of Travis Bickles among us ...
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    I had to sit through Mama Mia once as a guest and it took years to get that out of my head and now its back, thanks a lot.

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    The Omen.
    Movies about Satan scare me more that slasher movies.
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    What is your scariest movie ever?

    Stephen King’s “Salem’s Lot”. I was I think a 1st Lt in the Marine Corps, and harder than woodpecker lips, but I was skeered to death a vampire was gonna get me. I even finished the movie with a Colt .45 in my lap, loaded with Silvertips, just in case. I still get spooked over vampire and werewolf movies.

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    I never saw the movie, but when I was five years old, the movie "Children of the Damned" came out. Little blond haired kids with glowing eyes. It seemed like they ran commercials for that every 30 minutes. When one of them came on, I would jump up and change the channel. In bed at night, I was scared to turn over, because I was sure one of those kids with the glowing eyes would be standing there in the dark.

    As an adult, the movie that unnerved me most, was Texas Chain Saw Massacre. There is a scene at the end, where a captive girl screams for what must be 10 minutes straight. Just flat out too much for me.
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    The Exorcist. Even after 45 years, I can still remember some of those scenes.
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    Lot of movies scared me as a child that I laugh at now. The Exorcist scared me the most as an adult. The Magic Christian revulsed me the most as an adult.
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    For some reason, I haven't been able to make it through "No Country for Old Men." The villain just creeps me out. Don't know why. I had no trouble with Hannibal in Silence of the Lambs.
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    When I was a kid, my best friend's family had an early version of satellite TV with the huge dish. That also meant they had channels like HBO. I watched Poltergeist at a far younger age than appropriate and that put me off the entire genre of horror films.
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