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Self surgery on ingrown toenail

This is a discussion on Self surgery on ingrown toenail within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Ouch! I used to have problems with this. I would take some cotton and shove under the corner of my nails to lift it up, ...

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Thread: Self surgery on ingrown toenail

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    Ouch! I used to have problems with this. I would take some cotton and shove under the corner of my nails to lift it up, and allow it to grow without digging into my toe.
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    Oh man, it hurts just thinking about it.
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    I fought that battle for a long time. Finally had the Dr. Take care of them and I wished I'd done it 15 years ago.

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    Self surgery on ingrown toenail

    Yes. A podiatrist will destroy the nail matrix on both sides; the nail will no longer be wide enough to cause trouble.
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    and if you have a tooth ache ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by easy10 View Post
    and if you have a tooth ache ???

    String and a door knob
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    Back when he was alive I watched my father do that many times, I consider myself very lucky to never have had that problem.
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    Keep a close eye on your toe for a good while. If you see any reddish streaks, get to an ER fast. Mrs OldChap had a patient who did something like that and ended up with a nasty case of gangrene.

    A podiatrist is a whole lot cheaper and a lot less painful.
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    Been there, had that. Glad it's been 2 decades since I had to. I "feel your pain". Good job ...keep it clean and heal up man!...I didn't think of the wood, I just grunted and cussed a lot.
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    I use to use a rubber band to control the bleeding.
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    I had a problem with those big toe ingrown nails. Fought it myself for years, then finally got smart a dozen years ago and went to a podiatrist.

    He "killed the root" on both sides of each big toe and that was the end of the problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    G-man, I'm thinking if you ever shoot yourself, you'll have a record-length thread. "How to dig out a bullet with a tire iron and spatula." People who haven't posted in years will come back to chime in.

    Quote Originally Posted by high pockets View Post
    String and a door knob...
    ...Two bits!
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    Quote Originally Posted by G-man* View Post
    A doc would have been preferable, but I waited too long to get an appointment:)
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    I like it,but Iím a rub some dirt in it and get back to work kind of guy👊

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