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Mike Rowe: This is why we have 1.6 T in student debt

This is a discussion on Mike Rowe: This is why we have 1.6 T in student debt within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by Sister Who misses Home Economics and the good smells that come from baking in that room? I remember the whole hall smelled ...

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Thread: Mike Rowe: This is why we have 1.6 T in student debt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sister View Post
    Who misses Home Economics and the good smells that come from baking in that room? I remember the whole hall smelled like food it was wonderful! The smart fellows took that class too cause they knew this is where the girls were plus they learned how to sew on a button and cook without being gay
    My son took home economics, and found it both interesting, and more useful than algebra.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KILTED COWBOY View Post
    Lack of shop classes.
    Not everyone should go to college.
    You can make a very good living in the "blue collar" world.

    I agree with this 100%.

    I obtained my B.S. degree in accounting with minor in economics in 1978. Iím glad I went to college because I knew I wanted to be an accountant, and believe fully God gave me a gift for working with numbers. I also graduated from the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Colorado, and have spent most of my career as an accountant in banking. Having said that, I have maintained ever since I graduated in 1978 that college isnít for everyone, and more people need to learn a good trade. As others have said, Iíve seen college grads not doing anything remotely related to their degree. It was a waste of their time and money, and would have been better off learning a good skill.

    I currently work with a trucking company as their CFO; we have a hard time getting young qualified drivers. Drivers can make a very good living, but it seems too many young people arenít interested in actually working. I work my tail off in accounting, but too many young people work 40 hours and complain about how exhausted they are. I know this because I hear it in my own family. My gosh, Iím nearing retirement, and couldnít begin to count the times I have had to work into the wee hours or perhaps even all night, Saturdays and Sundays. But 40 hours is now a killer.

    I hope Mike Rowe is successful in getting more young people interested in a solid trade skill.
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    Heaven forbid if the federal government should ever keep tabs and trends on the market in such a way as to help prepare students to work in fields well-suited for each individual.
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    In thinking about what I wrote and the fact that with the centralization of education at the Federal and State levels we have had an over-sell of college for all I realized that years ago there was an amazing revelation on, I think, 60 Minutes of all places about mail-order diplomas. That TV show praised the Postal Inspectors for bringing down a mail-order diploma mill that charged something like $8k for the trifecta of diplomas- a Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate all based on "life experience". The twist was that when the Postal Inspectors (least well-known of the Federal Law Enforcement) reviewed the most common addresses among the 3-4k packets they confiscated the US Dept of Education was the single largest consumer of those fake degrees. Yes, federal employees at the DOE were buying online degrees and the US DOE when asked refused to condemn the practice saying something to the effect of 'We're not able to evaluate or comment on the quality or nature of the degree and must accept them as part of the employees personnel package."

    I can't tell you how many times I see staff at public schools with "Doctorates" and the degree is from some obscure online entity. It got so bad in Georgia that the legislature had to step in and direct the Education Agency that for a school staff person to get a raise based on their degree (Phds get more than Masters employees in the same job with the same length of service automatically) that the degree area has to be directly related to their job duties. For decades school staff would go and get ANY doctorate in ANYTHING and even if they were teaching 1st grade their doctorate in basket weaving would instantly get them a 50-80% raise over their colleague with a bachelors in early childhood education. Yes, it took the legislature passing a law to require them to ensure that money only went for degrees that were directly relevant!

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    Came across this from Mike Rowe. It's a couple of years old, but explains part of the problem.


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    Quote Originally Posted by starlights View Post
    - you make a BETTER living blue collar
    - white collar = DEBT
    - hidden behind the masters dumbgree and professional office is a $100k+ compounding debt
    - and NO the pay don't cover it

    - my parents were lawyers
    - they were paying off that law loan until their 50's

    - meanwhile the neighborhood handyman and plumbers had stay-at-home-wifes and retired at 50

    - never fall for the front... a roofer or plumber is chargin' $150-$200 or more per hour with almost zero overhead... and no debt...

    - i mean no disrespect to doctors, lawyers, engineers... just saying blue collar gets paid... we need both... engineer cant build the building without the tradespeople... and a lawyer has no job unless there is a cop to make an arrest..

    - as a kid I laughed at construction workers on the side of the road one day... my dad stopped the car "son, how much do you think they get paid to stand there with that sign"...im like "$4 an hour?"... my dad's like "try $75 an hour"... I never laughed at them again... AND it changed my mindset...

    So then your a blue collar worker , making $75 an hour holding a road sign ...

    - a 22 y/o with $55k in college DEBT is likley to make a GOOD SLAVE
    - he will work HARD to pay off that debt
    - its just human resource optimization conditioning for the masses...

    What college would this be ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


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    Quote Originally Posted by LimaCharlie View Post
    My wife's best friend has a daughter who was in abusive relationships and drugs for several years until she decided to go to college. She wants to help people.

    She received her BS degree in psychology and her MS degree in psychology. She is currently working on he Doctorate. She has done it all on student loans. She takes vacations to Europe and Asia during summers using student loans. She is now in her forties with over $400,000 in student loans with never working a day in her life.

    She married her step brother. She wants to help people.
    She might find work as a community organizer...
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    I've been in IT for about 25 years and if there's one thing I've learned, it's this: technology has rendered the traditional college degree paradigm almost obsolete. Very seldom do you see IT-related jobs that actually demand a college degree. Most of them say "or equivalent experience." One reason is that it changes so often that the traditional schools can't keep up with it.

    We had a female intern for the previous Summer. She has now left to go into her senior year of college pursuing a Computer Science degree (Bachelor's). At her going away party a couple of months ago, she told us that she had learned more in three months with us than in the first three years of college. And she still wouldn't be anywhere near adequate to replace any of us "regulars."
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