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This is a discussion on Richard Jewell movie. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by msgt/ret Rudolph was finally caught in western North Carolina in 2003 by a rookie cop. A buddy of mine crossed paths ...

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Thread: Richard Jewell movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msgt/ret View Post
    Rudolph was finally caught in western North Carolina in 2003 by a rookie cop.
    A buddy of mine crossed paths with him a day or so after the FBI announced they were looking for him. He was on the Bartram Trail headed out of Nantahala Gorge. Was up that way a couple summers while they were flying the black helos around looking for him too.
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    Looks like a good film and I intend to see it after the holiday.

    And I do recall how Jewell was made a scapegoat by the FBI. Not their finest hour.
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    The media and the government are never held to account for their "mistakes"
    But they know what is best for us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock and Glock View Post
    I saw The Mule by Eastwood and enjoyed it, so Iíll see this as well.

    @Havok , how was Ford versus Ferrari? I saw trailers for that before I saw Midway.

    Eastwood has risen to his craft, an amazing talent.
    It was great. Best movie Iíve seen in quite a while.
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    I was in the Olympic Village the night of the bombing. I had escorted the Brazilian Women's soccer team from Birmingham to Atlanta. While we were actually unaware of what had happened at the Centennial Olympic Park, my team knew something big had happened by how long it took to clear our small caravan to return to Birmingham.

    By the time we finally arrived back at the Birmingham Olympic Village, enough information had been passed on to Security, all our vehicles were subjected to vigorous inspections by the local and state police, and we were all interviewed by the police before we were allowed to lock up the vehicles and go home.

    A very interesting evening to say the least. When I came in the next morning, increased security measures had been implemented and it had become very difficult for even accredited people to get into the Village area.

    Prior to the incident in Atlanta, many athletes had been entertained at local homes, but after that episode in Atlanta, no one left the Olympic Village without an armed escort. We even had to provide an armed escort for one of the Mexican athletes to travel to a farm outside Birmingham to buy some fighting cocks to have shipped back to his home in Mexico.

    Should be interesting to see how Eastwood treated the whole situation.
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    Maybe Clint Eastwood is hitting a little too close to the truth since the Atlanta Journal-Constipation is threating a lawsuit for defamation.

    What really happened to Richard Jewell? Clint Eastwood's movie on 1996 Olympics bombing under fire

    Legendary Hollywood actor and director Clint Eastwood's new movie "Richard Jewell" has been getting Oscar-buzz since its premiere in November, but now it's attracting attention of a different kind.

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has threatened Warner Bros. with a defamation lawsuit over the film, which tells the story of a 1996 Atlanta Olympics security guard who saved hundreds of lives during a domestic terrorist attack, only to have his name smeared and life derailed by careless news coverage and a controversial FBI investigation.

    Fox Nation's new documentary, "Hero for a Moment: The Richard Jewell Story," re-examined the bombing and its aftermath using rare footage of police interrogations and interviews with the authors of "The Suspect: An Olympic Bombing, the FBI, the Media, and Richard Jewell, the Man Caught in the Middle."
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    CNN doesnt like something about the movie - so it must be good to see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msgt/ret View Post
    The first new movie I am looking forward to watching, I remember well of him reporting a suspicious backpack then helping evacuating the park. He was hailed as a hero until he was crucified by news media when they brought up suspicions he had planted the bomb. It took months but he was finally exonerated.
    Yes it should be a great movie
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    FWIW; I believe Jewell won a libel case against NBC for broadcasting stories about the FBI's actions.
    He,of course,could not sue the FBI.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Havok View Post
    It was great. Best movie Iíve seen in quite a while.
    Agreed! Great movie!

    Jewel is the next on my list.
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    Think I'll have to see this. Now we just need a good Ruby Ridge movie.
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    There isn't enough material for Ruby Ridge to be a movie. What happened was so stupid, and wrong, it boggles the mind. A documentary on all the mistakes made by the Clinton led raid would be movie length though.

    The LEOs involved didn't even take the basic initial communication measures to see if surrender was an option.

    Thinking about the Ruby Ridge and Waco incidents makes me even happier Hillary Clinton lost her presidential bids. The unnecessary loss of lives in those two bungled situations should make everyone have healthy distrust of the power hungry elected officials.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MMinSC View Post
    I watch all of Eastwood's movies. Glad to see he is exposing to the masses the corruption that is the FBI.
    I thought Eastwood did a pretty good job with his ďJ. EdgarĒ movie too. Hoover really was a crap weasel, but I thought Eastwood also did a fair job of catching the nuance and context of the Commies and anarchists of the 1920ís. I can appreciate seeing the complexities and ugliness of politics.

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    As much as bad things recently brought up about the FBI, I am still glad we have them. Not all is bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Instymp View Post
    As much as bad things recently brought up about the FBI, I am still glad we have them. Not all is bad.
    Yeah, whenever I see 26 Texan children that need to be burned alive or a man's wife and son that need killing in Idaho, I am glad we have the FBI too. Who else can we count on to kill us like that?

    I am especially glad to have the FBI work so hard to try and oust a duly elected US president. We plebs should not be trusted to vote for such important things.
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