Do you believe in man made climate change (global warming)?

Do you believe in man made climate change (global warming)?

This is a discussion on Do you believe in man made climate change (global warming)? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Last night my wife, who loves science fiction as much as I do, wanted to watch the film, The Day After Tomorrow . It's a ...

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Thread: Do you believe in man made climate change (global warming)?

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    Do you believe in man made climate change (global warming)?

    Last night my wife, who loves science fiction as much as I do, wanted to watch the film, The Day After Tomorrow. It's a very entertaining film with great special effects, that chronicles what happens to a group of people who are caught up in a series of cataclysmic climate change disasters.

    Personally, neither of us (who both have science backgrounds) believe in man made climate change capable of changing the entire earth's climate. There has been too much data manipulation by agenda driven folks at NOAA, and enough respected scientists who disbelieve, to attach any credibility to this topic for us. And there are just too many people out there who confuse the issue of pollution with climate change.

    I am curious though, how other folks on this forum feel about the subject. Do you believe in man made climate change? If you do, what supports your belief that this is an issue we should be concerned about?

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    Is this akin to discussing Religion, one of our forbidden topics? Should Raven get penalized?

    I only ask that as a true skeptic that believes the entire topic has been highjacked by the leftists and progressives as another tool to further their agenda of control.

    Beginning with the East Anglia data frauds followed by more recent data manipulation, the entire movement has NIL, or ZERO credibility in my mind. I say that as one who has been accused of being a heretic and pagan by some for refusing to believe in man-made global warming. Seriously. The type of reaction that could be followed by burning at the stake, or the like. Seriously deranged people will not even countenance ANY evidence of less than TOTAL belief and adherence to their dogma. It is actually close to the proverbial TDS in the depths of depravity of adherents.

    I've seen people that would be completely willing to hold a Spanish Inquisition II. Seriously. The only thing stopping them is a few level heads with guns, to be honest.

    Want to know what I really think?

    I consider it to be a mass hysteria event, funded by the largesse of progressive and leftist governments and NGO's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock and Glock View Post
    Is this akin to discussing Religion, one of our forbidden topics?
    Only if you consider Al Gore to be a god.
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    I'm all for trying to cut down on pollution, but the earth has gone through climate changes long before humans were on the earth and it will continue to change long after humans are extinct. Basically, Mother Nature is going to do what ever she wants and humans have no control over her.---Sturgis
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    Climate change is very real, and always has been. Do human contributions exacerbate that which is taking place? Probably.
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    7 billion people can screw up even a planet

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    Certainly not a liberal but physics is physics where or not you choose to believe or not. I'm not certain how man can pump 36.8 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide into the air (in 2019) and not have a negative effect. The 2 questions that I have are....How much does man's activities effect global temperatures? What other natural changes contribute to rising temps (earth's crust rising temp)?

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    No. One volcano negates all the human injections of anything when it comes to climate change. When you look at the numbers (the numbers that are not skewed intentionally by alarmists trying to get funding or with political agendas), we are right on track with the geological changes of the last million plus years.

    Now, can humans screw up localities? Of course. Look at Chernobyl, Fukishima, and localized pollution, but as to the macro on temps? Nope.

    I am more worried about someone letting loose a nice biological weapon, all out war with China, and as always, just the general downfall of civilization that seems to occur when humanity loses its way. Think dark age with lots and lots of deaths by democide and starvation like China, Cambodia, and Russia cause under communism.
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    The ice cores say there is an ice age every 10k years, the earths warms to a point, then snaps back.
    Do we accelerate the warming? To what degree I do not know.
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    I believe climate change is around 99% mother nature and 1% manmade.
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    I believe humans contribute somewhat to climate change. That only makes sense. But the problems with the climate change movement are huge, including:
    • They have falsified data to "prove" and overblow their point, which has ruined their credibility.
    • They have hyped climate change as an extinction-level problem, which it is not.
    • They have not championed real solutions. In fact, their proposals are ludicrous. They will not embrace nuclear energy, which could be a huge factor. They ignore basic economics in proposing things like tearing down most of the buildings in the US and rebuilding them "green" and getting rid of air travel. Their proposals have price tags into the trillions.
    • They have resorted to the untenable tactic of browbeating society about the situation, rather than engaging in productive dialog.
    • They put most of the blame on the US and don't say much about the big polluter, China.
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    The man made climate change narrative is based on studying decades of climate change. The problem is studying thousands to millions of years of climate change would show that there is nothing out of the ordinary about the climate change we are experiencing now. The planet is not warmer than it has historically been, and the temperature is not changing more rapidly than it has historically.
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    I don't believe man can prevent climate change.
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    No. The planet is almost completely devoid of human beings. Less than 1/220,000th of the earth's surface is inhabited by humans. Granted we have created a lot of things that do what they do. But think about this. With a lot of carbon dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere, who or what benefits? We do. And why? Plants breathe CO2 and exhale oxygen. Animals eat plants. We eat animals and plants.

    As for the U.S., our skies are among the cleanest of any place on the land masses of earth. I well remember back in the late 60's and early 70's seeing smog hanging over Washington, DC and that is not a large city. Today, the air above that city is amazingly clean. Gas powered cars of today produce fewer contaminants running than gas powered cars did in 1966 with their engines off! We've come a long way.

    As one poster mentioned, nature is one heck of a polluter. When Mt. Pinatubo erupted over a week in 1991, it spewed 573 times what the entire human race, with all of its machines, does in a year. When nature wants to do something dramatic, she is not kidding.
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