Murder using a pit bull

Murder using a pit bull

This is a discussion on Murder using a pit bull within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This will be an interesting case to follow; I wonder how they will prove she deliberately used the dog to commit the murder. [B]Kentucky police ...

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Thread: Murder using a pit bull

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    Murder using a pit bull

    This will be an interesting case to follow; I wonder how they will prove she deliberately used the dog to commit the murder.

    [B]Kentucky police have accused a woman of killing a man with an aggressive pit bull, according to reports.

    Authorities said Donald Abner, 55, died after being mauled by the dog at his home on Pug Lane in Conway overnight Friday, local media reported.

    Melissa Wolke, 38, was accused of siccing the dog on Abner and refusing to command it to retreat, according to reports. She was charged with murder.

    “The way I look at it she used her animal, a pit bull, as a weapon to help her in this altercation,” Kentucky State Police trooper Scottie Pennington said, according to WKYT-TV.
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    Poor dog didn’t know any better. The troopers should have put her down.
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    It happened on “Pug Lane”
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    Looks like she's no stranger to meth, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sammeow View Post
    Poor dog didn’t know any better. The troopers should have put her down.
    You mean the meth-head woman, right?
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    Two lawyers [ For a White Supremacist] were keeping his dogs for him while he was doing a prison sentence , Used the dogs to threaten the other people in their condo building. When the dogs attacked a woman and killed her, They were first only charged with harboring a vicious animal. After some more investigation it was found that they sic'ed the dogs on several people, and just walked away to let them maul this woman. They were eventually charged with murder. But I don't remember what happened in court.

    Here I found these sites.

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    This kind of thing does give me serious heartburn! I like dogs more than I like most people so to use a dog like this is horrendously fiendish. The dog was an unwitting accomplice. She should be burned at the stake like the witch that she is.

    Of course the cops killed the dog! What news article of this sort does the cop NOT kill the dog? Some seem to enjoy that part of the job from my personal experience. I say that because one of the local cops shot and killed a four month old golden retriever puppy outside the elementary school in full view of the kids here. He said the dog (puppy) was a menace to the children! I know, one bad apple, blah,blah.

    You want to P***zzz me off just tell me about someone that kills or mistreats a dog for any reason. There is NEVER an excuse good enough. I used to retrain so called viscous dogs. It's doable. It's time consuming. It's very hard. But all dogs are worth trying for.

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    If he is dead how do they know (be able to prove) she commanded the dog to attack him and refused to call it off.

    I'd be like: The dog went nuts! I was trying to pull it of my friend, but I couldn't the dog was too strong, it was crazed. What a terrible accident.

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    Gonna be hard to prove.
    I love dogs, but there is something about Pit Bulls that I just do not trust.
    I know a lot has to do with the way they are trained, but there is something in the DNA of that dog, the way they have been bred over the years.
    You hear stories of Pits after years of being good loyal pets turning on their owners more than other breeds.
    Gosh now i have gone and started a dog breed war. Worse than caliber wars.

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    When we were serving search warrants in the hood, pit bulls, and rottweilers were as common as Natty Ice empties and Chore boy! We typically used CO-2 fire extinguishers on aggressive dogs. Most of these dogs live a very cruel life of dog fighting and protecting narcotics stash houses. I love dogs but not what some people do to them. Just my .02 worth!
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    I firmly believe there are no bad dogs, only bad owners.

    I can remember when German Shepherds were the bad breed, then it was Dobies, then Rotties and now Pits.

    As for this story I can see how using a dog could be the same as any other weapon. The hard part would be proving that she did train the dog to attack and did in fact sic it on the victim.

    Off topic, but what a babe, eh? She could star on a drugs are bad poster.

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    Poor dog. Bad people make bad owners.
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    If you want a huge red flag, just look at people who abuse animals. I can practically guarantee that at some point, such people will turn to humans for their destructive urges.

    Almost any breed can be trained to attack. It is tragic that pit bulls seem to be the choice of criminals.
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    There is no defense for pit bulls. Any dog that makes up 3% of the dog population and does 85% of the dog mauling and killing has a serious mental problem. No other dog kills it's owners like pits do.
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