Going to the gun range with your homeboys

Going to the gun range with your homeboys

This is a discussion on Going to the gun range with your homeboys within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This guy Josh Pray is hysterical. Black comedian talking about going to the range with his white homeboys....

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Thread: Going to the gun range with your homeboys

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    Going to the gun range with your homeboys

    This guy Josh Pray is hysterical.
    Black comedian talking about going to the range with his white homeboys.

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    I'm doing something wrong. I rarely go through more than 100 rounds. If its more than an hour, so be it, but when I'm done with my rounds, I'm done. Only once did I shoot more than one gun. Names? my 9 (or Shield) or my .22.
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    I have seen that video before, but it's been a while. He is a funny guy.

    Like Red, I usually only shoot one or two guns in a range session and usually only about 100 rounds each. I go to get hits, not just burn powder.
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    Funny guy. I go to the range with a purpose. It doesn't matter if its 5 rounds or 250, I'm done when the reason I went is done. Usually that's 100 , sometimes less.
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    I guess I'm more like the homeboys mentioned in the video than the previous posters. I usually go to the range with my son and we go more as recreation than as hard core training. I have 3 rifles and 5 pistols and usually take them all, and shoot most of them. 500 rounds isn't at all unusual and if the weather is nice a couple hours spent also isn't unusual. I don't have any cute names for my guns though. The rifles are referred to as the AR, the Ruger and the 15-22, while the pistols are the revolver, 22 compact, shield, 9 compact and the Ruger. Pretty boring, eh? Guess we need to step up to some more descriptive names.

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    Depends on what I take. Typically, I take at least one carry weapon and one 22LR. If my children are there then they can choose another weapon if they want. On the 22LR we can go through 200-300 rounds with the three of us on the bolt action in a session. On my carry weapon, I usually put at least 3 magazines through it if I am at the range.
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    My friends and I have theme days at the gun club like .454 Casull day, .44 magnum day, lever-action rifle day, 5.56X45mm rifle day, 7.62X51mm rifle day, or 1911 day.
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