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Does anyone have pet names for their guns?

This is a discussion on Does anyone have pet names for their guns? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I call them Anaconda, Python, Cobra, Peacemaker, Trooper, Delta Elite, and 1911....

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Thread: Does anyone have pet names for their guns?

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    I call them Anaconda, Python, Cobra, Peacemaker, Trooper, Delta Elite, and 1911.
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    I only have a pet name for my dog. His name is Gunner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LimaCharlie View Post
    I call them Anaconda, Python, Cobra, Peacemaker, Trooper, Delta Elite, and 1911.
    Dad always said that Colt missed an opportunity to give the 1911 a model name in keeping with the snake guns. They could have called it the Rattler! So that's what he called his duty weapon.

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    Might call 1 of mine: Ray Charles
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    The only names that I use normally are the standard manufacturer's name and model, with two exceptions. If the firearm is experiencing malfunctions, it might get called a few special names, not printable here. And I refer to my .32 caliber Tennessee flintlock as "the pea shooter", not really anything unusual, as a lot of persons refer to these as such.

    Does anyone have pet names for their guns?-matt-advance-36-cal-squirrel-rifle-2.jpg
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    They have always been mostly a tool of the trade for me just, like a Carpenter having a favorite hammer.
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    Only one, named Les.

    Does anyone have pet names for their guns?-les_baer_r.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by BCC73 View Post
    Might call 1 of mine: Ray Charles
    That’s what people call me, after they see me shoot. :D

    What’s a pet name? Fido, Rover, Spot? No.

    ;) :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJC7 View Post
    I haven't really ever given a pet name to any inanimate objects (gun, car, etc.), but just the other day, when I was cleaning one of my pistols, my 5 year old son walked by and asked what I was doing. Told him "I'm cleaning my Bersa" (BP9CC) and he replied "Oh...I like your Bertha." So, I think she's officially been christened Bertha from here on out. lol
    You too??? I named my BP380cc Bertha - but that was because my other .380's were a lot smaller and the name "Big Bertha" jumped out at me. Traded her for a Shield EZ and her name is Zelda..........that's EZ spelled backwards....sort of.

    Yes, most of my guns have names and that is mostly because I had a very young little friend who totally loved coming up with names for each new gun I got, and that was when I had to quit shooting 9mm and buy a new supply of .380's and .22's for myself, so she got to name "a few of them."
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    I don't name mine either but I know of a radio talk show host who named her .38 revolver Snuffy.
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    Not guns, but the Number 1 dog name is “Ruger” so there is that... 😂
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    Nope, they’re kinda like cats. They don’t come when called so why name em.
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    I don't name guns, or anything I buy. However, when I'm working on a build for a car, gun, computer, or other projects, I'll give it a code name to make it easier to refer to. Sometimes those code names stick and I still refer to them by their project name.
    Its easier to refer to a gun by saying "Project Blast Furnace" rather than, "You know, The 16" stainless steel heavy barrel, and the 3 chamber comp. No, not the one with the Silencerco QD break, the one with the binary trigger"

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlggray View Post
    I only have a pet name for my dog. His name is Gunner.
    Our Labrador retriever is named Gunner! To answer the OP, nope, none of my guns have names.
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