Does anyone have pet names for their guns?

Does anyone have pet names for their guns?

This is a discussion on Does anyone have pet names for their guns? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; My .44 magnum revolver I have named Miss Vicki, after my wife. Because she is loud and speaks with authority. My .54 caliber Pennsylvania longrifle ...

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Thread: Does anyone have pet names for their guns?

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    Does anyone have pet names for their guns?

    My .44 magnum revolver I have named Miss Vicki, after my wife. Because she is loud and speaks with authority.
    My .54 caliber Pennsylvania longrifle I named The Widowmaker in honor of the Continental Snipers of the Rev War.
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    No. Never needed names for them.
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    I just addressed this in another thread. I do not have pet names for mine, but perhaps I should think of some. We do sometimes call the AR "the big boy" since my other two rifles are both rimfires. And I've been known to refer to my Security 9 by some unflattering names since even after several mods to try and make it better it's still my least favorite pistol. On the other hand I could only use endearing terms for my M&P Compact 9 as I love that one. My 22 revolver would need a name like Methuselah since I've had it the longest at almost 50 years.

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    Nope, not anymore.

    I once nicknamed a Remington 870 I bought used that had every tacticool gizmo attached to it the Zombie Killer which I later sold. But years later into my shooting hobby I have not named any other gun since.

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    My wife calls all of my competition guns "JOLENE" after the song, as they take her man away from home!

    Oh and my STI 2011 Limited Gun is called my "Benny Blaster" for 2 coincedental reasons 1) It was put together by Bennie Hill 2) and most importantly when I got it back I didn't like the trigger and did a trigger job on it myself (I do all of my own 1911/2011 action jobs at a reliable 2 1/2 lbs) and was actively helped by a 10 week old rescue kitten we named Bennie.
    He was named not after the gunsmith, but due to my wife who just feels a pets name from the pet. The wife rescued him at 6 weeks old just as it was reaching I-470 she actually reached out and snatched it just as it was bounding in front of a semi, as the semi went by she said she felt her hair blown/sucked towards the semi.
    He was all over me and very interested, job turned out great. Sadly we only had him for 5 years before an unknown tumor near the heart took him one night. It still breaks my heart. I was especially attached to him and him to me. Being so young he slept curled up in my arm pit at night. Guess it made him feel secure. He had the biggest GUNS (legs) of any cat I've ever seen. We always thought he should've been working in construction and needed a hard hat!
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    Ummm. NO.
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    Nope, but I have a friend who names his guns and his autos. It always struck me as a bit odd naming such things, they're make and model number to me.
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    Yeah, mine's Sig P229.
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    I don't name them all but I did name my S&W 686+ w/ 2.5 inch barrel "Daisy"...cuz if you have one or have shot one you know its a real daisy :)

    My wife named her EDC S&W 637 J frame "Justin"...I asked her why? She said = Justin case I ever need it...classic.

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    I'm not inclined to disarm for a concert, game, (entertainment) and I ain't going on a plane or cruise.
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    Only curse words when they don't shoot like I want. Has to be the guns fault, it surely couldn't be me. 🙄😉
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    Me: "..and that brings us back to the age old question, how much ammo should you carry or how much is enough, doesn't it? Lol "
    AzQkr: "
    The age old questions answer is carry more, not less. For if more isn't enough, less surely won't be. lol"

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    I haven't really ever given a pet name to any inanimate objects (gun, car, etc.), but just the other day, when I was cleaning one of my pistols, my 5 year old son walked by and asked what I was doing. Told him "I'm cleaning my Bersa" (BP9CC) and he replied "Oh...I like your Bertha." So, I think she's officially been christened Bertha from here on out. lol
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