Ken's career with LAPD

In 1970, Osmond joined the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and grew a mustache in an effort to secure anonymity from average citizens, although not his co-workers.[2][11][12] He worked as a motorcycle officer.[13][14]

On September 20, 1980, Osmond was struck by five bullets while in a foot chase with a suspected car thief.[4][15][16] He was protected from four of the bullets by his bullet-resistant vest, with the fifth bullet ricocheting off his belt buckle.[4][15][16][17] The shooting was later dramatized in a November 1992 episode of the CBS series Top Cops.[18] Osmond applied for a disability pension in 1984, but after an evidentiary hearing in 1986, the Los Angeles Board of Pension Commissioners denied his request by a 42 vote.[19] Osmond appealed the determination to the Superior Court and in 1988 a judge overturned the Board's denial and awarded Osmond a lifetime pension and he retired from the force