New Year's Resolutions (shooting)

New Year's Resolutions (shooting)

This is a discussion on New Year's Resolutions (shooting) within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; OK guys, every year this one comes up - in some form! So - in 2006 what resolutions will you be making - as far ...

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Thread: New Year's Resolutions (shooting)

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    New Year's Resolutions (shooting)

    OK guys, every year this one comes up - in some form!

    So - in 2006 what resolutions will you be making - as far as shooting aspects of life go???

    I am determined to put in more time practicing difficult drills - mostly on movement oriented stuff. To this end I want to reload more of the relevant ammo, to keep costs down and so enable a much higher thruput.

    If time and cash allow - also a halfways decent course of tac' shooting.

    Thus far I am hoping to minimize purchases of new guns, heck I have plenty - and so the funds perhaps more into actual shooting.

    Broad category - honing skills.

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    So far to just get in more shooting time im down from last year .

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    Same here, more range time, and maybe that SIG 229 in .357.

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    Well, my new DSA FAL just arrived, so I won't be buying any new guns for a while
    I am planning on taking some more training classes this year...SouthNarc will be back in Denver next year, and I would also like to take a tactical shotgun course.

    So, looks like ammunition and training for me!
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    Im going to practice shooting from cover.

    It has occured to me in various drills that few people ever take the time to shoot from cover. I dont mean the "barricade" or door frame scenarios, I mean something that one may actually have to do if everything goes south at a moments notice.

    For instance, how many people have ever shot from under a vehicle ? An SUV has a lot of clearance underneath it and using it can be an asset...especially when the BG doesnt give it much thought.

    A curb ? a curb can hide alot of body if the angle is right. Although its not ideal, its better than nothing and using one presents a much smaller target.

    Using a car door for cover ? An open trunk lid ? How about shooting while moving to better cover ?

    How about "rolling cover"meaning that using a stationary obejct such as a tree or even a barrel and moving oneself around it very carefully to present the gun on target while minimizing exposure ?

    Ive have used all of these techniques while playing paintball with great effect. While I understand that paintballs dont penetrate anything, the principles are still the same.

    Im going to make a consious effort to use more realistic scenarios.

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