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This is a discussion on not convinced home vs Carry within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by halem1 I like having more than one gun, each in a different caliber. When 9mm was hard to find, 40 was plentiful. ...

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Thread: not convinced home vs Carry

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    Quote Originally Posted by halem1 View Post
    I like having more than one gun, each in a different caliber. When 9mm was hard to find, 40 was plentiful. That allowed me to continue practicing and have self defense rounds readily available.
    Reloading may be an option as well.
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    It's not my place to tell someone else what they need or don't need. That's one's personal choice based upon what they may be feeling about the topic.

    Now, as for me personally? I carry the HK USP9c and USP45 as my main CCW's but I use the P30 w/+4 magazine extender bumping it up from 15 rds to 19+1 rds of 9mm for HD. I love that set up. But, I also have a AR-15 in my safe that is locked and loaded and ready to rock and roll with 30+1 rds. I still got to pick up and add at least 2 shotguns to my defensive arsenal!
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    Even if your primary is in good condition, it's good to have another at the ready while cleaning it.
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    Well, my guns have to be separate, since I have more than one. :-)

    My carry gun will backup my other guns at home, and vice-versa.

    Ever hear the saying, "One is none, and two is one?"
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    agreed. i used to have a SW 4506 as a home defense gun. then it dawned on me that i have a 12g, what the hell do i need a separate pistol for when a 12g and CC piece will suffice. so i sold it and bought a glock for the wife for her nightstand/carry.

    i will buy different guns for different things, but it's rational. 45 Colt SAA/Lever for woods, 300BLK AR pistol for car travel, 1911 for shoulder carry, pistols to stash around the house, AR15 for zombie apocalypse, etc. you know, legitimate reasons for more guns.
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    It can be the same gun, just different mags when the roles are changed. Just 3 examples from some of my guns:

    A Ruger SR9c is carried 10+1, at home it gets a 17 round mag
    Shield 9 is carried 7+1, at home it gets a 10 round mag
    My Taurus G2C is carried 12+1, at home gets a 15 round mag

    Golly gee, you can get 30 & 33 round mags for some models if you REALLY want to step it up, or go the ďDrumĒ route
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    EDC for me is the same at home or away.

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    Why not both? I prefer the versatility, the increased capacity, and the increased defensive capability of multiple weapons. I see no reason to restrict my response.
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    Carry gun for me. Tho itís only 5 little rounds of .357 it should be enough to get me to my shotgun or rifle. If not then Iím probably outgunned anyway and will have to settle with taking a couple invaders with me.

    To each his own

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    I have my carry guns, but for some defense, I keep a rifle. If I could manage concealed carry of my AR15 out and about as easily as my handgun, Iíd just carry that. I want the best gun for a gunfight. The only reason a own any handguns are because carrying a rifle outside the home isnít realistic at all for obvious reasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wizard7mm08 View Post
    Some fellers like owning more than one handgun and justifying that.
    You got that right. I might want one for every room of the house, and both cars.....then one when i go hiking, one for casual weekend, one for weekday..... :)

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    For the time being, I've kind of switched things around. At home I kept a dedicated XD Service .45 acp with light/laser combo, pump shotgun, & an M-4 by my bed. Now it's just an AR pistol, with 7.5" barrel light/laser combo. For away from home, it's still multiple pistols in several calibers with reloads. The pistols don't get locked up at night, so in a pinch, they're still handy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nifty View Post
    You got that right. I might want one for every room of the house, and both cars.....then one when i go hiking, one for casual weekend, one for weekday..... :)
    Fortunately I married well so I never have to justify buying another gun. Aside from those we carry there's always at least one within easy reach (though not obviously displayed) in every room.

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