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The Stupid is Strong on This One

This is a discussion on The Stupid is Strong on This One within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I agree with all the negatives here, but I also see some positives. A few thoughts. A millennial is carrying a gun for SD. Politically, ...

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Thread: The Stupid is Strong on This One

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    I agree with all the negatives here, but I also see some positives. A few thoughts.
    • A millennial is carrying a gun for SD. Politically, we need all of those we can get.
    • He knew he needed to find training. He was out of order buying and carrying the gun first, but realizing the need for training shows he is not without some level of common sense.
    • I think we take the availability of training for granted nowadays. When I bought my first handgun, "to protect myself against dinosaurs," there wasn't a lot of training out there. When I carried as a security guard, there was just a range test, no training. I passed easily because I had been shooting for about nine years at that point. My father, who had been in military police in WWII, taught me and it was free-form, no training syllabus.
    • I am a fan of training and I have taken a fair bit of it, but I have read several stories over the years of people successfully defending themselves with guns even though they've never fired one before. I would never recommend that, but there it is.
    • 2A does not say, "... the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, as long as the people have gone through a basic pistol class." An underlying theme in the COTUS and the BOR is that we place our trust in "the people" to do the right thing. When they don't do the right thing, it is their individual responsibility, not the state's responsibility to have forced them do the right thing.
    • Governments use training requirements to restrict the RTKABA. DC is doing that right now. They have "may issue," because the courts mandated it, but their training and application requirements are hard to understand and harder to implement. It is a subtle form of gun control.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hasaf View Post
    As a teacher I see this. As an example, during the school year I share an apartment with another (we both live in states other than the one we teach in). He has never shot a firearm, ever. He, like some of the other teachers, are not anti, they just have no position at all. That includes some of our teachers who are also veterans, except that the veterans have probably shot a firearm. One of the vet's, who is in my lodge, has mentions that the military was the first, and only place he ever fired a firearm.

    My housemate has mentioned wanting to go shoot some time, as in "I wish" I do wish there was a formal class for an introduction to firearms, instead of me. He has shot my air-soft pistols in the basement (yes, I have air-soft versions of my carry guns so that I can practice drawing from concealment and other things that just cannot be done at a range, along with just getting more practice than I would otherwise get). Even at that, he has commented that was the first time he has shot anything resembling a firearm (after he said that, I was very glad I didn't let him clown around with it, instead focusing on proper target form).

    No, at this point I am not surprised when someone shows zero familiarity with firearms.

    As an asside, the OP said his friend had a Taurus Model 2. I searched on that and could not find it. What is a Taurus Model 2?
    Get him to sign up for an NRA basic Rifle or Pistol course. You can find them by visiting the training section of the NRA website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaGunny View Post
    Yesterday as I was leaving the community ballpark, I ran into a 22 year old friend of mine. Loveable kind of guy, affable and very polite. He's aware that I'm a shooter, but has no idea that I CC all day-every day. The first thing I noticed was that he was OCing a Taurus Model 2 in a kydex holster. I asked him about it and he told me that he had bought it the day before...and that it was his very first gun.

    Me: "The first one you've ever bought?"
    Him: "Yeah."
    Me: "Congrats. Have you fired it yet?"
    Him: "No. I just wanted to show it off a little."
    Me: "A little odd that you'd risk your life on an untested gun."
    Him: "I'm going to a range tomorrow. I'm SO excited to shoot a gun for the first time!"
    Me: "You mean to shoot this gun for the first time, don't you?"
    Him: "No. I've never shot any gun before. Except for a pellet gun I had when I was a kid. Do you know where I can take a Concealed Carry class?"

    I can't quote the remainder of the conversation (I'd get banned from the forum). In short, I gave him the phone number of a LGS that has an excellent instructor for both Basic Pistol and Concealed Carry. I advised him to take the Basic Pistol Course FIRST, practice & learn his pistol inside-and-out, THEN take a Concealed Carry class.
    Not stupid. Just ignorant, lacking knowledge.

    Sounds like a great opportunity to help him increase it.
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    I apologize for also being stupid but what in the heck is a “Taurus model 2”?

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    How many DC folks can identify with this:

    I’m of the age where as kids, we always watched tv westerns and war movies (in black and white ) and then played with our toy guns in the neighborhood. Cowboys and Indians, or Big Army (As opposed to “Little Army” using toy army men, tanks etc). We had cap guns, plastic grenades, bows & suction-cup arrows. We learned about guns as youngsters, albeit not all the safety aspects, but it was normal accepted activity. No “fear” or anxiety....

    From there we moved up to BB Guns, and supervision by Dad or Big Brother. Then on to 22LR, shotgun and 22LR pistols followed eventually by the deer rifle. By the time we were well into our teens, we knew all about guns, safety, and respect for the responsibility required with gun ownership. Sometimes I wish those days were not behind us, as some of the issues of today regarding gun ownership (as in the case of the OP’s example) might not exist.
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    Hopefully @DaGunny can come back to this thread and let us know how his now 23 year old friend is doing now that a year has passed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1956 View Post
    With rights come responsibilities. Being stupid is neither a right, nor a privilege, yet people abuse it anyway.
    Amen! Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illusive Man View Post
    I guess my point of view is different. I grew up in a democratic liberal family where guns were evil. I had to begin the journey alone and some attitudes had to change, but folks who saw me were patient with me. They corrected me and I listened. You all are correct in saying that what he was doing was dangerous. But running into DaGunny was hopefully the start of some learning. Hopefully the LGS he was directed to will begin to educate him on the vast seriousness of carrying a firearm. He will learn or he may decided that it's not for him. I'm not defending what the guy did, I'm saying that how those who know handle the situation can make a huge difference. I'm thankful for those more knowledgeable than me at the range and here on this forum for helping me out.
    I can relate. Grew up in the Machine city. For those that don't know, Chicago. But remember going to the sportsmans show young and shooting many different types of .22's. Most people didn't really mention guns. My best friends dad was a cop that's where I learned a lot. They would take me shooting once in a while, his dad taught me a lot. As I grew older I realized a lot of people in Chicago have guns but no one really talked about them back them. Don't know about pre '50s but to this day you won't find a LGS in Chicago.

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    So that proves that some do open carry to say look at me and to make a statement?
    Just asking because that has come up in other threads on open carry and concealed carry
    as well as one vs the other...Assuming the OP wasn't just making up the story.

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    My wifes girlfriends Dad bought his first gun last Summer.
    He heard I carried guns and knew about them.( I'm head of security at our Church) So he bought one. He confided in me that he always wanted one. He turned 95 last Fall.

    I gave him some safety advice, muzzle training and trigger discipline before he purchased his first. When he first approached me on the subject I was a little apprehensive at first due to his age. So I suggested he find an instructor and get professional training with the gun he bought before he started carrying it in his car. So he did. He shoots at our local indoor range every 2 weeks or so.

    Yep, he's 95 and still driving. In fact he bowls on a league every Wednesday and has a 270 average. He also plays the piano and accordion. Amazing guy with a good mind and body for his age. He's a retired delivery truck driver from New York City. Very Italian. But a very small frail looking guy.
    He moved to Texas to live out his life with his Daughter and SIL. He's been living with them 8 years now.
    Apparently he likes the Texas attitude.

    He just got his concealed carry license right before Christmas last year.. Only thing is he's not comfortable carry his semi auto 9mm handgun chambered. But at least he's packing concealed occasionally.
    I fear he won't use it if he needs it, but we don't have a lot of crime where we live.

    I can only hope to be as active when I get his age.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doogie View Post
    When I got my first gun my friend took me to a farm in a very rural area and we shot 500 rounds. This was after an hour of him showing me how not to accidentally shoot myself or anyone else.
    That's how it's been done for generations, either a good friend or a relative......

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    Quote Originally Posted by msgt/ret View Post
    While I am a big fan of Constitutional carry this is one of my biggest fears.
    The very low number of incidents that have occurred by legal carriers in Illinois shows that the slow witted are not the ones who actually are the most dangerous. I know it amazes me too after hearing some of the dumb remarks when we learned that we were going to have concealed carry in Illinois.

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    Stupid yes but we trust people daily with and accept that risk daily....just driving the roads of America.
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    Him: "No. I just wanted to show it off a little."

    Unfortunately, I think that is true for a lot of folks that OC (I know that will offend some folks - I'm OK with that). I hope this fellow took your suggestions seriously and doesn't get himself or others into a problem. He's really not doing any of us any favors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CG11 View Post
    Give the guy credit, at least he knows he needs a gun. Please help him all you can, Da Gunny - for all our sakes.
    He needs common sense, reason, and maturity more than he needs a gun. Without the first three, he should not have the fourth.
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