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Donny Jr. open carries on belt

Thread: Donny Jr. open carries on belt

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    OD* said:
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    TDS? Is that a new medical term?
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    RedSafety said:
    Yup, we hear about someone grabbing an open carried weapon and shooting hundreds of people around just about every night here in SW MO. NOT! Not at all a fan of open carry, but you do what you want. Then again, an OC Kent State rally sounds fun. Might be just the excuse I need to get me a nice AR.
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    seeker_two said:
    Quote Originally Posted by Gabill View Post
    I think he could have made a bigger statement.
    That's what she said.....

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    CreedDryrot said:
    I'm sure he enjoyed wearing it for the 10 minutes he had it on for a photo shoot. I think he'd wear a dead rooster around his neck if he thought it would get his dad votes.