So I'm at the local watering hole a few months ago for lunch. The bartender met me as I walked in and asked me if I wanted a high top, or a seat at the bar. She asked the question because she knows if I'm at a high top I'm not drinking, and she'd get a server. I sarcastically told her "bar, I'm not carrying". After the rush was over, she came over and told me in so many words probably half the regulars carry.

A few weeks ago, really late, some guy pulled a gun out in an argument and scared the piss out of a few people. He took off, authorities tracked him to a hotel where he was arrested. He said it was a pellet gun and he threw it out the window. (We are all wondering who carries a pellet gun on them.)

Now if he had been there 4 hours earlier, there is a good chance he would have been shot.