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This is a discussion on Edc flashlight within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by kerberos Always wanted to try an HDS light... Supposed to be as rugged as Malkoff. Well, and a McGizmo as well... But ...

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Thread: Edc flashlight

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    Quote Originally Posted by kerberos View Post
    Always wanted to try an HDS light...

    Supposed to be as rugged as Malkoff.

    Well, and a McGizmo as well...

    But that's really more of a grail item.
    I had looked at them for over a year before deciding to get one. I absolutely love it and now have two (one edc and one end table/night stand).

    I had tried a couple magnetic ring lights, which is what finally made me decide to try the HDS and I can really tell the quality difference. They are well made, quality lights with a lot of options for setting up. Some people really want the high lumens, which you are not going to get with an HDS (200-325 max depending on emitter).

    Quote Originally Posted by Pete63 View Post
    Attachment doesn't work, Sir.
    I editted it and reloaded so hopefully it workd now.
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    I carry an Eagtac d25a ti with a 4.2v lithium battery for direct drive. It fits in the change pocket of my jeans and is insanely bright (500 lumens) especially for its size which is not much larger then a single AA battery.

    In the house I have multiple lights but my bedside light is a Convoy l6. It can light up my entire back yard with 3800 lumens.

    I also keep lights in every car. I have 3 or 4 in my car and my wife's car has 2. In the car lights I use lithium primary batteries (lithium energizer non rechargeable) since lithium ion doesn't handle extreme temperatures very well.

    I like flashlights. Check out candlepowerforums.com if you haven't before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1956 View Post
    As I have found out, a pocket flashlight is very handy inside a building when the power fails. That's one reason I carry one at all times.
    This happened at work once and I was the only person that had a light. This was before cellphones had the flashlight function.

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    Always. Which one depends on what I'm wearing.

    Left to Right, small to big:

    Streamlight Microstream: 45 lumens
    Streamlight Protac-1L: 275 lumens high, 22 lumens low
    Streamlight Protac-1L-1AA: 350 lumens high, 40 lumens low
    Surefire G2L: originally 80 lumens, now with Malkoff head 300-something lumens?
    Surefire G2X Tactical: 320 lumens
    NEW HOTNESS: Surefire EDCL2-T: 1200 lumens (or 1/10 of the sun's output if you prefer) high, 5 lumens low

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    Fenix PD 25, only problem is I lost the belt pouch and the edges wear holes through my pockets.

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    I have other more elaborate and powerful lights..but the light that I have on me every day is this $10 90 lumen, rock solid and reliable little light. It features a tailcap switch...that is all...always on me and used almost every day. The only thing that I dislike is the alkaline battery...I am a CR123 fan...but I love how thin this little light is and it does have pretty good battery life as it is.

    Edc flashlight-52669949_2098219146898158_5430581203390431232_n.jpg
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    I prefer the 2 AAA flashlight from Harbor Freight. I like the length. In my warm weather vest I have their 588 lumen 4 AAA flashlight too. I like the weight of that one better.
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    This one goes everywhere I go. Hardly a day goes by that I don't use it. As my eyes age, I find myself needing it more and more.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Edc flashlight-screenshot_20190228-230443_gallery_1551417094186.jpg  

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    I use one of the small streamlight pen lights which runs on AAA batteries. Im kinda hard on stuff and its held up well for daily carry both on or off duty.

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    I have three Fenix PD35 Tac flashlights each using two CR123 batteries. One for each car and for home/nightstand. I don't carry it on my person except when I go to the movies or someplace where I know it will be dark. I always take it with me when traveling and staying in hotels, friends, etc.

    The light has a tail cap switch for 1000 lumens, 1000 lumen strobe and 60 lumen "low". The light also has an outdoor mode where you can easily switch between 1000, 500, 200, 60, 8 lumens and 1000 lumen strobe.

    I purchased them directly from the Fenix website. I really like the light!
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    I always carry a light, cheap Redline now because I lost 2 really nice ones that I got from [email protected] Gotta talk to him soon about maybe Fenix PD35??

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