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If I were interested in mounting a Red-Dot sight

Thread: If I were interested in mounting a Red-Dot sight

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    dennis40x said:

    If I were interested in mounting a Red-Dot sight

    If I were interested in mounting a Red-Dot sight and using the S&W MP9 series as an example the Trijicon new SRO would seem to be the way to go even thou it is $$$$. Examining Midways online catalog 11 pages with 249 different products of Red-Dot sight options was interesting.
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    OneGunTX said:
    I am not clear if you are asking a question or expressing an opinion.

    Nonetheless, I am in the market for a rds on a carry pistol. There are few guns that are optic ready. The optic ready guns are the Springfield armory XDM OSP. You can also buy the gun with a vortex venom. Next is the Glock MOS. It had a plate that you can use to mount an optic. Sig Sauer has a line of pistols that come with the Romeo 1 sight. Or you can buy an X series that has a plate, but the guns are milled for Romeo 1 or Delta Point Pro only. Smith and Wesson used to have an optic ready line, CORE, but discontinued when the M2.0 came out. @hrfunk mounted a Delta Point pro on a CORE and has a thread about his experience.

    Other than an optic ready guns, your choice is to buy the gun, buy the optic, send both off to a machine shop to be milled. You also have to consider whether you want to co-witness sights milled as well. You also have consider the finish on your slide. All in, you will spend more than a grand.

    Last Saturday, I went to the LGS to purchase a P320 RX compact with the Romeo 1 sight. I was ready to buy, but ended up walking out. First, the salesman offered to let me to shoot one of their range guns with a RDS. I did and the sight was off-zero by a lot. I did not learn anything. Second, the salesman did not like the Romeo 1 sight. Did I mention that all salespeople were wearing Glock shirts? They were convinced I should get the Glock MOS and a Trijicon sight for an extra $500 above the Sig price. I walked out because I did not have an extra $500 in cash. Oh well.

    Now, my carry gun is a M&P M2.0 compact. I shoot it well. I will likely buy another one, buy an optic, and send them to a machine shop.

    Good luck with your SRO.

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    dennis40x said:
    Quote Originally Posted by OneGunTX View Post
    I am not clear if you are asking a question or expressing an opinion.
    A little of both, I'm contemplating to proceed or not to proceed in regards to a Red Dot sight and thank you for your reply.
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    Pete63 said:
    Thread jack! Have you guy's looked at the FN 509 Tactical. I know it's a chunk of change, BUT it's "supposed to have a superior mount system", AND already comes with co-witness/suppressor height sights. Although I've sworn off 9mm , it sure has peaked my interest. Plus, with 24 round mag's, it seems like a viable BUG for me.
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    Mike1956 said:
    I prefer my DeltaPoint over my Trijicon. I haven't had the opportunity to set my red-dot ready M&P Shield up yet to see how I like it.
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    TSKnight said:
    This is what I have been working with for about 3-4 weeks now. G17-3 with a Holosun 507c. Suarez did the machining and mounted the sight. I left the factory suppressor sights on for now, but plan to install night sights when finances allow.
    Over all I am quite pleased with the results and without breaking the bank. Not counting the pistol, I have less than $500 invested. Where this package really shines is with the brace attached. Fast and easy to handle and accurate out to 100 yards. What more could one ask for from a dedicated PDW.
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