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My gripe about LED flashlights

This is a discussion on My gripe about LED flashlights within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The various functions don't bother me near as much as the heat most give off with just a few minutes of use....

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Thread: My gripe about LED flashlights

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    The various functions don't bother me near as much as the heat most give off with just a few minutes of use.
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    I have a small Coleman with a xenon led (if that's the correct name for it), aluminum case and butt switch. It's just on or off. And it's been through the wash a few times and still worked immediately after. That's in spite of the rubber on the switch having long since worn through.

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    I picked up a dozen small LED flashlights off Amazon.
    On-off. When on, a light push of the tail switch dims it if you want.
    No tactical scallops by the lens.
    My only complaint it (for me) the pocket clip faces the wrong way.

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    Iíve used one of these for years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldChap View Post
    I get a little irritated that my LED flashlight won't make a pot of coffee for me, but other than that, I'm good.
    You need to upgrade.
    Mine makes a truly mean Black Russian.
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    the ones from china irritate me.
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    I can sympathize regarding just wanting a simple on/off rear tailcap. They are certainly out there in plenty, just need to look for them. I have a few Streamlight polytacs and microstreams that I keep around just for that; a simple, durable, decent power light (at least the ones that I have that are...5-6 years old?).

    I have gotten into the Olights though as well. Switched over to their compact pistol lights and the SR1 Baton II as well. Really dig the SR1 since it is just an off/on button once you set it to the power you want, and if you want more power, simple to get more.
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    Yes. I hate having to cycle through a bunch of modes to get it where I want it. Only reason I have one of those by my bed is it was Christmas present from my son, and it still works. The minute I and the other 2 just like in the package fails, off to the garbage they go. Until then, I get to go on high beam, off, on low beam, off, on wide beam, off, and you guessed it, on strobe, off. I cycle it when I get done using it, back to where when I turn it on it's high beam. I have a Stanley flashlight about the same size, nowhere near as bright, and it flickers a bit. I may just put all these in the junk drawer as emergency lights, and get one of them olites....
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