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LEO/Military what boots do you use?

This is a discussion on LEO/Military what boots do you use? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've had good luck with Danner's Acadia and GTX lines....

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Thread: LEO/Military what boots do you use?

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    I've had good luck with Danner's Acadia and GTX lines.
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    What, no Lathrop and Sons? Cheapskates...


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    I've worn everything from Danner Acadia's, Osolo Fugitive GTX, Lowa's, Merrell Chamelians, and now wearing the Merrell Sawtooth.

    Every boot requires different uses and needs. If you in law enforcement, then I wouldn't want a boot that is rated for heavy loads in mountainous ranges, but something lighter and waterproof that allows for lighter loads and running.

    Danner Acadia's are great boots, but not the best for running after a drug addict or crack dealer through a dark alley.

    Just my .02
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    Only Danner Patrol 6! Usual made in the USA Danner quality. These boots are expensive, but I have been wearing my last set for nine years and they are still in good condition. I just need to resole them again so decided to get a new set and use my old set as a backup. Divide the cost of the boot by eight or nine years and you will see they are not expensive at all!

    Note, Danner does sell boots made in China now also, and I have had a set of those. They were good for a made in China boot, but nothing like the quality of the boots they make in Oregon. Here is a great article about police boots

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    Danner for bad weather and riding my Harley. Look into a comfortable pair of shoes for patrol, especially for the hot summer days. I wore Bates shoes while on The Job.---Sturgis
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    Older thread but, keep it going.
    Members still have feet that need great footwear.
    A fact that has not changed since 2008.
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    I'm not LE. In fact, most of my boots are for wear on the farm. I stumbled onto a pair of Danner Kinetics for $45 a couple of years ago so I grabbed them. They've been really impressive. Now, they aren't farm boots and I can't use them as hard as if I were wearing Red Wings, but they're really comfortable and holding up surprisingly well. I didn't expect 2 years from them and now that they've reached that point, I'm probably not at half life. I bought another pair w/Gortex for winter wear. For LE work, I expect that they'd be great.
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    Best boots I ever wore were VN-era jungle boots. Once broken in, very comfortable. I wore them whenever possible until the day I retired.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    Older thread but, keep it going.
    Members still have feet that need great footwear.
    A fact that has not changed since 2008.
    Ok, I'll play.

    I used to be a die hard Danner fan. Still am, still have a couple black pairs 15-20 years old, still going strong after replacing soles and insoles. But, they're pretty heavy compared to newer styles.

    When the AF switched to sage green boots, I tried the issue grade and a few others (after also going through a few of the Army tan ones before the greens were required). Yuck.

    Then I tried Rocky boots. There were harp playing cherubs hovering nearby when I put them on. As comfortable as top end running shoes, and less than half the weight of my Danners. It makes a difference in fatigue over a long ruck or a full day without sitting. BUT, they're not as durable as those tough Danners. 3 years of use and the soles were worn slick, and the innards (made of fabric like running shoes) were shredded.

    So I tried a pair of lightweight Bellevilles. Similar to the Rockys, and a bit less expensive. They're wearing ok, but not quite as comfy as the Rockys. My next boots will be another pair of Rockys.

    If you spend significant time on your feet, and go long distances, the lightweight boots are the way to go. They just won't last as long as old fashioned tough as nails Danners. YMMV.
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    Rocky, Nike, and under armor all make really nice boots. I wore merrels on two deployments though, so unless you’re looking specifically at 8” high or whatever boots, there are other nice options than just the standard stuff worn by the military.
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    Don’t go cheap! Water Proof; breathable boots that you can run in.
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    Lucchese or Tony Lama cowboy boots.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 64zebra View Post
    I wear Oakley SI Assault boots
    Best feeling boots I've ever worn
    they feel like a good basketball/tennis shoe but they are made for abuse
    these are issued to some military units, come in black and tan
    $99, comfortable even while standing on concrete all day at the range, numerous officers in our department wear them, good to have when running through dark alleys, backyards, crime scenes with various fluids on the floor, etc
    easy to wash off,
    did I mention they're comfortable
    I'm holding out for Teva to come out with an assault sandal.
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    Magnum 8” side zip composite toe
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    Lowa for me in the office and in the field. Best boots I've ever worn. My feet stay dry in the heat which is saying something! Rocky and 5.11 issued before that and never had good luck with those.

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