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I have to say, without a doubt, the 550 is the best. The 550 is slower to load than 750, but its vastly more easier to operate. And if you have any issues, its easy to clear quick. 750 is a pain if you have a primer or shell issue, its only really good for just volume loading.

is what I found. I started out w/ a 550B, then sold it and went to a 650. Did not care for the latter press due to what you described, so I sold it to a friend (who still has it), and bought my 550B back. It is now 30-years old and still going strong. I use it for everything done in large quantity, even though I have six other presses on my bench. I now reload thousands of .45ACP each year w/ it, and will be doing at least 10k rounds on it this year.

Dillon RL 550C-2019bench.jpeg