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Wal-Mart Announcements: Master Thread

This is a discussion on Wal-Mart Announcements: Master Thread within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; sounds like a good opportunity for gun shop entrepreneurs to fill the void....

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Thread: Wal-Mart Announcements: Master Thread

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    sounds like a good opportunity for gun shop entrepreneurs to fill the void.
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    Thanks for posting that, reading through some of their policies they sound like representatives for Green Peace, PETA, ASPCA and a whole host of anti-human organizations. I would bet Sam Walton is spinning in his grave.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneGunTX View Post
    How many of these shootings were done by bad guys that bought the ammo at Walmart?
    Maybe some tried? They likely got sick of waiting for a store clerk to check them out and gave up. Buying ammo at WM is such a pain standing there waiting. The only time I ever got prompt service was when I reached over the counter and started pressing buttons on the register.
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    I bought two Colt 6920 MPís at the W*M in Woodland Park the day of Sandy Hook.

    Never again.

    I hate shopping there anyway.
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    I roll my own for $5.50 for 100 rounds of 9mm same for 45acp and 38spc. Still working out the 223 numbers but its looking like about $170ish for 1000 rounds.
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    Sad to see Wally World descend into the anti arena.

    I don't see them as anti as, say Dicks (in which I now never set sneaker), but I do see them as more vulnerable to the bad peeps among us. Thus, it's now a higher risk environment as it's (possibly, in the eyes of a psychopath maybe) a softer target.

    Will I still shop there? I only go occasionally anyhoo, and never was entirely comfy being shopping cart-to-shopping cart with their some of their clientele. For me, I'll still walk into the Walmart ickiness for the few major savings I find there; but I never did like it.

    I'll go, sometimes, and as rarely as possible.



    And, as I find alternatives (which I'm certain that I will) I'll eventually skip entirely the diseased and increasingly less 2A friendly environment that is Walmart.
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    Years ago, back when Sam Walton was alive and actively managing the firm, it was a great place to shop. Sam got sick and backed away from the business, and the stores immediately started declining. I stopped shopping there years ago, except for oil and filters. Iíll start getting that stuff on Amazon. As stated above, Walton is spinning in his grave .
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    Quote Originally Posted by rotorhead1026 View Post
    Years ago, back when Sam Walton was alive and actively managing the firm, it was a great place to shop. Sam got sick and backed away from the business, and the stores immediately started declining. I stopped shopping there years ago, except for oil and filters. Iíll start getting that stuff on Amazon. As stated above, Walton is spinning in his grave .
    Sam was an avid squirrel hunter. I had the pleasure of conducting a few deals with him directly and it required a bit of patience and working with his hunting pals to get it done. Spinning in his grave is an understatement.
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    I borderline boycotted walmart about a year ago and will continue to do so. For myself to get to a store I have to drive into North Dakota.

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    Walmart hasn't been a player for me as far as guns go in years. With all the internet resources, I stopped buying ammo from Walmart long ago, and I don't think I've ever bought a gun from them.

    "We" (as a collective) shop at Costco, Food City, Krogers, Target, Kohls, Walgreens, Taco Bell - oh, BTW, try to look up a gun anything on Taco Bell's wifi - they block any and all gun related sites, and there are many other places we shop that don't support the 2nd Amendment.

    It wouldn't bother me if Walmart got completely out of the gun selling business. What does bother me is they are partnering with Bloomberg - he's not for gun control - he's for banning guns. Won't him and Soros ever die? Soros is like 89 years old and Bloomberg is 77. Wouldn't it be great to see on the news that....well not to wish anything bad on anyone, but...wouldn't it be nice...
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    They can ask I don't open carry, but it won't stop anyone around here.

    "Defenseless Victim" signs have no force of law here.

    I might just start, just because.

    They're just continuing on down the road they started when they removed all AR type rifles, then raised the age to purchase anything to 21, regardless of law.
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    Isn't it just a little hypocritical, that Walmart is going to stop selling pistol ammunition...only after their present stock has been bought out?

    At least the Dick's got rid of their "bad guns," when they stopped selling them. They didn't wait for stocks to run out.
    The Dick's acted stupidly, certainly, but they equally certainly acted consistently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Texas Red View Post
    I hear ya....

    Probably reaching for the Diet Coke.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nmuskier View Post
    This belongs in 2A issues. Folks who are saying, "It doesn't affect me.", please join fight against creeping social end to the right to keep and bear arms.

    It is the progressive pressure to erode firearm and shooting culture. The goal is zero guns and ammunition. Any step is a victory for progressivism and loss for liberty. I'm not an open carry person, but I'm reconsidering it. A nice carmel leather belt holster with my gov Kimber 1911. A neat full button shirt nd slacks. No labels or slogans.
    I donít agree with their stance, but itís not actually a 2A issue. 2A is a restriction on government. Not a law requiring a store to continue selling a product, or preventing them from asking people to not bring something in the store.
    We get the government we deserve.

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    And Kroger announced today that they will no longer permit open carry in their stores.
    So I guess Kroger doesn't want any of the good guys in their stores anymore.
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