Ted Cruz meets with Alyssa Milano on gun control

Ted Cruz meets with Alyssa Milano on gun control

This is a discussion on Ted Cruz meets with Alyssa Milano on gun control within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Ted Cruz was gracious in meeting with Milano and not tearing her and her posse to shreds. A tough position for Cruz. Watch the entire ...

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Thread: Ted Cruz meets with Alyssa Milano on gun control

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    Ted Cruz meets with Alyssa Milano on gun control

    Ted Cruz was gracious in meeting with Milano and not tearing her and her posse to shreds.

    A tough position for Cruz. Watch the entire video, then watch the edited clips and stories on the propaganda media. TOTALLY unfair to Cruz, gee....what a surprise, eh?

    As usual, Milano had NOTHING but a couple talking points and personal character attacks/emotional appeal. And she brought 2 others with her that did much of the talking. There was no debate here, just typical left wing attacks and a calm rational Cruz defending 2A and debunking some of their BS. One was a father who lost a daughter in a school shooting. But it was not pointed out that the school was a GUN FREE zone, like almost all other mass shootings.

    Should Ted have even met with her? Was he blind sided by her bringing the other two guys? I wish Cruz would have had a few people on tap to bring in that have been saved by having their own weapons.

    They are NOT interested in public safety as they showed no real interest in getting at the real problem that PEOPLE kill people, not guns.

    Watch the complete video then look at the propaganda media clips. Almost like 2 different meetings. I guess Milano didn't even tweet a link to the live stream before hand, only wanting to rely on post meeting propaganda spin and editing.

    Cruz was framed as some radical violence enabler. Propaganda media alive and well. We got work to do!

    At this point, the left still proves to be totally irrational, Cruz would get flack from media no matter what so he probably should have done more shredding ala Trump style, with facts and not let the irrational have any credibility.

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    I only saw a short clip posted by Graham Allen. I find Cruz's firearm knowledge to be below par for a Texan, but whoever this girl is, she is an idiot. Apparently she aborted two babies but wants to talk about how terrible it is that kids are getting shrapnel stuck in their chest. At least those kids, whoever she was referring to were given a chance at life.
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    Who’s the fat guy? For a minute I thought Michael Moore put on a suit.
    Milano’s IQ is so low she needed help to discuss something she is so passionate about.
    Guess she is lost without a script or cue cards.
    Cruz was not smart to meet with her like that.
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    I don't know why the media and politicians are giving her any attention. She is a has-been actress and not a very good one. Cruz was stupid to meet with her, even more stupid to let her bring two cronies in and really, really stupid to let anyone film it.
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    First off, no one has a right to feel safe. That is why we were born with a powerful instinct for self preservation. What separates us from the lower animals is we also have a brain which which we can fashion and use weapons in our defense. I know who this woman is and she appears to be typical of others in her profession. Which, from my perspective, doesn't say much for her.

    As for Ted Cruz, I like the man and have for some time. I have not watched the entire video, just a few minutes of the beginning part. But from what I take from others who have responded, might it be that he was set up for a fall? Guess I'll just have to watch the whole thing to see.

    Oh God, she has a therapist. No surprise there. I don't know of any of my friends who go to a therapist. They all seem to be pretty well adjusted. Maybe I need to hang around with some on the loony fringe of life.
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