San Diego gun law

San Diego gun law

This is a discussion on San Diego gun law within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; It is unenforceable but it's just another law to use against a gun owner if their unlocked gun is used in a crime or ...

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Thread: San Diego gun law

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    San Diego gun law

    It is unenforceable but it's just another law to use against a gun owner if their unlocked gun is used in a crime or a child shoots him/herself. Of course, they'll have to prove that it was left laying around. Better get rid of those cameras and microphones in your house.
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    In my house we lock up the kids and let the guns run free

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    Sounds pretty much like other ignorant people who propose bills and laws that are nothing more than fools-rush-in feel good attempts to fix imagined problems.
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    The measure was suggested by San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliott in conjunction with the anti-gun group San Diegans for Gun Violence Prevention, and according to Elliott, it’s just “common sense”.
    That expression immediately flags it as a do nothing but feels good law to make some politician think he/she/it/whatever has “done something”.
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    Just about the same level of intelligence displayed when ole' Beto, the Fake Mexican, declares "He's coming for your guns." Right. I wonder if Beto would like some addresses where he could start? I'm sure San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliott will just jump in a squad car and start the door to door search personally.

    I'll say it again for the benefit of anyone who wants to listen. SOMEBODY (and I suspect a drug cartel might be responsible, although the DNC might also be a great candidate), almost has to be getting stupid people to ingest a "spiked" recreational drug that lowers the IQ to single digits. I simply cannot explain how so many people have suddenly become so stupid as to need help tying their shoelaces in the last 20 years.
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