No Matter Who Wins

No Matter Who Wins

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Thread: No Matter Who Wins

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    Question No Matter Who Wins

    2020 Total Loss

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock and Glock View Post
    2020 Total Loss

    That's a cheery thought.
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    I wonder if the left truely think they are attracting new votes with this outlandish behavior?

    I find this carnival rather entertaining.

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    If folks can't see where this is heading then folks are not paying attention. It will eventually come down to a choice, an individual choice for each of us as individuals, of bowing down and giving up or.................. not. Some will choose only when there is no longer any choice.
    Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking. There are too many people who think that the only thing that's right is to get by, and the only thing that's wrong is to get caught. ~J.C. Watts

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    I think 2016 is evidence of the 'nobody wins" scenario. The left has fought the election results for the last 3 years. We are a bitterly divided nation where left and right have little common ground to share and protect. It must be a great time to be an enemy of America, just sit back and watch the "reality show" unfold as we tear our country apart for them.

    As far as the future of this nation is concerned, I don't fear Russia, China, Iran or any one else. The only people on the planet who can bring America to it's knees are Americans, and I fear we're making that happen.
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    Honestly, I looked at it for a few minutes then went and looked at more Polish Pottery, Polish Pottery makes me happy.

    If I allow all that information in my head then it prolly would get to me. Point is, I didít cause it and I canít fix it so decided to enjoy life in spite of it.

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    Now we have our own regime change operation, by the CIA, joined by the the Democrat political party and various right wing warmongers...openly now standing in the sunlight, Muellers hit job forgotten...everything in my opinion t'd up for a radical change in laws and libertys for americans, a great and awful emergency, as the CIA has manufactured many times elsewhere, ...we are going to get that war in Iran, no matter what, and more progressive governance so help us all. Boltons gone, so is the DNI, replaced by a Seal Admiral "acting", who didn't change the rules or the complaint form to include (in a nation of law) hearsay, just before the WB complaint hit...136 DOJ and State servants got individual culpability letters in a criminal espionage investigation of the State Department in August, the criminal investigation of DOJ continoues, the Attorny General is traveling the world making a case for election interference against the CIA, completely co-opted is the press, and Democrat party leaders, and anyone can see the former VP, and Presidential candidate Biden, bragging on the CFR stage to his pep's how he extorted a foreign government to quash an investigation into this families business in Ukrane...I can see Sedition and treason in the air in DC, we are all in for an Alinski handbook for Radicals moment... Its a Coup

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    I think those predictions are both based on the ability of Antifa to "flood the streets," which is highly questionable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock and Glock View Post
    2020 Total Loss

    I think that this thesis is mostly bull pucky.

    The Antifa are indeed violent, but they are also uncontrolled and ineffective.

    Whomever wins will see a quiet transition, just as always.
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    If I were being charitable, I think that article could be described as "What is the very worst that could happen in each case," not what it purports to be, which is what is likely to happen in each case. It also depends on who controls the House and Senate after the election. Odds right now are things stay the same there. Trump wins, the Dems control the House, the GOP the Senate. SCOTUS will remain at least as conservative as it was with Scalia.

    I think what is likely is more of the same we are seeing now. Antifa's antics are annoying at best. Even the liberal cities are getting tired of it and are already starting to push back. If they ramp up to being really dangerous, I see them getting declared a terrorist organization and getting intense scrutiny from federal and local LE. I don't think they can hold up to that. These are a bunch of losers who live in their parents basements. They will not do well in prison.

    Trump will no longer be worried about reelection and I think he will get more aggressive. The Dems will have already thrown everything they have at him and nothing has stuck. The country is getting tired of it. If the Dems want to get anything done for their constituents, they are going to have to go back to making deals and being somewhat cooperative. The far left, socialist strategy, will have failed and the Dems will have to moderate or risk losing again in 2024.

    Even if there is a Dem victory in 2020, they are masters of promising and not delivering. Both Bill and Barack did not do half the damage they said they would. They were bad, but incompetently bad. I think the economy will suffer and that will make people mad at them. They will have to tread carefully. They will still have to contend with the Senate and SCOTUS.
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    There are over one hundred million, and many gun owners are indeed one-issue voters.

    We have been assured by the Dems that they are indeed coming after our guns.

    What could possibly go wrong?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DownInTheDark View Post
    I wonder if the left truely think they are attracting new votes with this outlandish behavior?

    I find this carnival rather entertaining.
    Entertaining? Disgusting would be a more apt description. I get so irritated when I listen to their BS that I have to turn it off.
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    I agree with Maxwell97. I don't see Antifa flooding the streets, but that doesn't mean the Feds won't try to enforce gun confiscation. That won't fly in a lot of places and I believe things are going to get very ugly down the road.

    A lot of people here say, "But that won't happen here." It happened in Venezuela and it happened in Nazi Germany. I don't for a minute believe that things can't go sideways in the United States. I believe that no matter who wins the next election we are in for some very dark times.
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    There is a storm building on the other side of the horizon.
    This ship we call America is slowly sailing in it's direction.
    Only courage and intelligence and quick thinking will save us from foundering.
    Stick together and stay the course.

    I still want to believe that America is greater than the two parties trying to run/ruin it.

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    I'll play along and get right to the point. Actually, this is no longer a play along type scenerio because the left have already came out with their gun confiscation plan: "HELL YES, WE'RE GOING TO TAKE YOUR AR15's AND YOUR AK47's" - or Biden, who the NYT claims to be the Dem front runner, is preaching a mandatory gun buy back among many other violations of the 2A.

    Unconstitutional "laws" are already in effect with red flag laws - no due process/guilty until proven innocent which means they CAN, ALREADY HAVE & WILL CONTINUE TO "come and take it" under their law. They are already in direct violation of the US Constitution & hitting we the people as individuals while other constitutionalists are sitting on the sidelines shaking their heads.

    If a full on confiscation (the left can call it whatever they like) goes down, what is the American people's, who love the US Constitution, biggest drawback? Will people sit idle while the police/military are ordered to go door to door? Again, this no longer falls on tin foil grounds as the leader in the Dem presidential race is calling for it along with the ones below him. Will the people organize just as the great men who founded this country did?

    ďThe people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive ((sound like the current left?)). If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy ((sound like "I'm pro 2A, but..."?)), the forerunner of death to the public liberty. ... What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.Ē - Thomas Jefferson

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