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    9MM Practically new, just doesn’t work for me in an IWB carry. Comes with 3 mags (1 shipped from the factory, bought two spares), MTR Adversary holster and everything the factory sent; nylon pouch, manual and clip for disassembly. I will have my FFL do the shipping.
    $825 USD
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    i was at my LGS and they had the APX Carry, a striker-fired mechanism that caught my attention at the price of about $325. I hesitated to pick it up due to purchasing a Glock 19x and the Glock 20 last month. My everyday carry lately in my rotation has been my Glock 30S. Your thoughts concerning...
  3. Defensive Carry Guns
    I had an older thread asking for community opinions on 9MM handguns and how soft/flat they shot. My question for you in this thread is a little more specific... which COMPACT 9MM (15 round magazine pistol) is the softest and flattest shooting in your opinion. I think my personal tier list would...
  4. Defensive Carry Guns
    Back in 2005 when I bought my first concealed carry firearm, it was chambered in .40 S&W (which was the hot caliber back then). I carried it exclusively for about 8 years before selling my forties to switch mainly to 9mm. This is the third ammo shortage I can remember since then where finding...
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1-5 of 6 Results