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    The Glock G45 is a crossover model. Glock developed the G45 to combine the best featuresfrom the 17 and 19 models. It features the full-size frame found on the G17 and the compact slide found on the G19.
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    i was at my LGS and they had the APX Carry, a striker-fired mechanism that caught my attention at the price of about $325. I hesitated to pick it up due to purchasing a Glock 19x and the Glock 20 last month. My everyday carry lately in my rotation has been my Glock 30S. Your thoughts concerning...
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    Hey everyone nice to meet you likeminded individuals. Whats everyone doing for self defense training. theres a lot of options out there and people claiming to know what they are doing. Im fine with certain companies but some i wouldnt take my wife or daughters too. Just curios if any of you have...
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    Two (2) interchangeable military spec webbing in BLACK and FOLIAGE GREEN. Cobra style load bearing quick release buckle. Black removable retainer.
1-5 of 6 Results