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  1. Defensive Carry Guns
    The Glock G45 is a crossover model. Glock developed the G45 to combine the best featuresfrom the 17 and 19 models. It features the full-size frame found on the G17 and the compact slide found on the G19.
  2. Defensive Carry Guns
    Looking for a new EDC to replace my 23.5 and am trying to decide between the Smith and Wesson 4006 tactical and 5906 Or a similar DA/SA with hammer. Any recommendations welcome but looking for some first hand experience with the mentioned S&Ws.
  3. Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion
    There is a long discussion about your EDC firearm stored in your car while parked at a USPS parking lot. But did you know . . . What types of items are prohibited from entry into Federal property? Pursuant to the Interagency Security Committee Standard, Items Prohibited from Federal...
  4. Defensive Carry Guns
    It’s been reported in the Sunshine State that Gun Sales Spiked on Black Friday. How’s your state? My LGS in my area has been packed and ranges full.
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hey there, New member here from the Chicago area, got sent over from a GlockTalk thread. Avid firearms enthusiast and active LEO. Been carrying for as long as I can remember. Looking forward to having some quality conversations. Here's one of my favorite carry pieces, a S&W 637 performance...
  6. Forum News, Feedback, Problems & Comments
    i was at my LGS and they had the APX Carry, a striker-fired mechanism that caught my attention at the price of about $325. I hesitated to pick it up due to purchasing a Glock 19x and the Glock 20 last month. My everyday carry lately in my rotation has been my Glock 30S. Your thoughts concerning...
1-6 of 6 Results