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Yeah I know I am being a pest,:embarassed: BUT--- the more I look at holstermaker sites the more questions I have. :aargh4:
I like the look of the K&D holsters, but will they be practical for MY needs?? As stated before, I work white collar, suit & tie 5 days/wk, and one of the buildings in which I work (min 50% of the time) will soon be CCW-free within a few weeks (as in one line into building w/metal [email protected]#^*$#@ Commies!!!:mad: :aargh4: ) , so I need a rig that I can easily take on & off (I have a satellite office in the building next door so I can easily & safely stash my gun:banana: ). In my job I absolutely MUST carry CONCEALED & my two guns are a Kimber 1911 fullsize for my carry & a Glock 19 for the home-(My wife is not yet a good shooter so the simplest gun stays home). I am 5'10", 200" w/a little bit of gut. So I need some opinions about two of the K&D holsters.
1. Need opinions on the OWB Laredo Defender, specifically how well does it conceal a fullsize 1911 under a regular untucked T-shirt for "personal" time wear (both in distance down below the belt as well as in distance it sticks out from the body) AND
2. Need opinions on the Cochise Defender IWB, same concealment questions & how well does the "reverse the clips for OWB" carry method work.
Thanks in advance, your patience & help is greatly appreciated, Bill.
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