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.17 - useless?

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I have no plans whatsoever to adopt this cal for carry but - am just interested to know folk's opinion, on this diminutive round.

In a handgun - revo of course - it will lose something due to a short barrel - I am incidentally thinking less Mach 2 - and more the .17 HMR. I believe now there are a few revo's available.

The one aspect that sparks my interest (academic) is that with varmint kills, this small ballistic tip type bullet - seems very explosive/fragmentary - and whilst energy is no great shakes - does seem there could be some useful ''damage'' effects, tho I can't see it doing much good when encountering bone!!.

So - whilst hardly anyone's choice for carry - just exploring views on efficacy or not. :wink:
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Hahaha - least you tell it how ya feel Euc. Wouldn't want it any different.

Pretty much what I'd expect most to say - and I reiterate - I am NOT considering this for carry!! LOL.

I know - I know -
it's called .22 Magnum people.
true enough - that is my lil' NAA mini, a ''BUG's BUG'' :tongue:

What I am wondering most tho is - take that .22 mag case - neck it and use .17 - you have a largish jump in velocity - in theory maybe for a given case volume - a near equivalent energy factor. So most wondering is whether that wee little ''morcel'' of a bullet - would - could - might - actually do any damage.

I'm not up for human target testing BTW! :biggrin:

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I suppose it's not completely useless from the perspective that a .22 LR bullet is like being stabbed with an ice pick.

And I can see how having a gun, any gun, is better than no gun.

But then again as much as I love my Gold Dots I consider .38 Special to be suitable only for a mousegun or a backup. The thought of anything smaller I am just not comfortable with.

The thing is I really do want one tiny little mousegun just so I could always have two on me.

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I think it would probably be a pretty good little plinker to shoot cans; maybe introduce your kids to shooting with. I know virtually nothing about this new round, and I'm not sure what reasons you might want one over a .22. But obviously someone thought it would fit a niche somewhere.

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I think the .17 was made for superior ballisics for varmit shooting. It MAY provide better penetration than the .22 LR , due to the bullet shape. I guess as a last ditch BUG, it may be as good as a .22LR , if not a bit better.

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We sell a lot of varmint related firearms and ammunition where I set up to sharpen.

The 22-250 is still the king. However, lots of people are re-discovering the .223 for varminting at some extreme distances.

Premium scopes are flying off the shelves.

As for smaller rim-fire cartridges, yes, the 22WMR still makes most of the sales. The .17HMR goes to the guys who are serious. The 17 Mach2 goes to the guys who don't know squat--however we give away ten boxes of ammo with the Mach2 just to move the rifles.

Everybody says that the wind plays havoc with the .17 in any configuration.

Here's an odd dichotomy. Everyone, and I mean everyone, raves about the .204 and the way it vaporizes whatever it hits. They also bitch about the rifles, the expense of the cartridges, the way a Ultra-Lite Ruger heats up in nothing flat, the dearth of reloading components and many who argue that they should have "fixed the .222, not invented something else."

The gun sales men feel that the 17Mach2, the 270WSM, the 223WSSM and Remington's oddball calibres will disappear very soon. They think the 300WSM and the 243WSSM are winners, and the 25WSM might find a home among .25 fans and varminteers.

They also suggest you buy all of the Browning .243 Short-Trac automatic rifles you can find for speculative investment.
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