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I grabbed this pic off the web.
Study the photo below carefully if you have installed an aftermarket or replacement barrel in your 1911 pistol. This is the way your pistol should look.
Look between the red squares. With your barrel pushed to the rear as far as need to have that 1/32" distance between the top of the frame feed ramp & the bottom of the barrel feed ramp. The barrel needs to be forward of the ramp by 1/32" or sometimes a hair more is OK.
Do not grind the frame feed ramp or blend the two ramps together!
Of course it is fine to just lightly polish the face of the frame feed ramp.

Also (between the two yellow squares) you should very lightly "break" that hard edge of the top of the barrel ramp if it is sharp.
If your pistol STILL has feeding problems & feeding jams & your pistol barrel & frame relationship looks exactly like the one in this picture then you need to look at your extractor next.

I just looked over my neighbors new "USED" pistol today. I thought I was just going to show him how to clean it.
I noticed the rear of the barrel was actually very slightly OVERHANGING the frame feed ramp.
Somebody "installed" a new barrel before they sold it.
No wonder his pistol would not even feed hardball. :rolleyes:
It would not feed anything! :mad:

I hope this info helps.

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That area between your yellow markers QK is something that can be ''eased'' on most auto loaders I reckon. It takes ever so little, maybe just with a few kiss wipes of a round stone - just so as no sharpness left.

You mention a good point re the barrel feed and frame feed relationship - good reminder. :smile:
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