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1911, g19 iwb

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I am on the hunt for a holster for my sr1911 and g19.

I have never been able to use any of the iwb holsters due to my muffin top but as a treat to getting rid of it and being back to my ideal weight im wanting to get setup.
I pocket carry my 642 so comfort is a must.
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I carry my glock 19 in a crossbreed super tuck. Now, it is pricey and I hear the shipping times are insane now-a-days, but the quality and comfort are top-notch. I have nothing but good things to say about it.
High Noon Holsters

Check out their full line of products.

I have been carrying a Glock 19/23 in a High Noon Public Secret holster AIWB for over 5 years now.

A quality product and great customer service.

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Handgun holster Leather

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FlaRon :urla9ub:
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Try Foxx Hybrid holster. They are very comfortable and only cost $45. I got mine in les than 2 weeks. Been wearing it for a while now. Only thing I did was upgrade to low profile kid ex clips. Great holster.
I have Garrett Silent Thunder IWBs for my Nano and my HK USP. Yeah, even the USP is pretty comfortable to carry in the Garrett rig!
What size 1911? If it is a non-rail commander length I have a DM Bullard Dual Carry I will sell for $50 shipped.
Use a milt sparks summer specialor a rosen workman
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I have carried a SA Micro-Compact in a Wild Bill’s Covert Carry comfortably for many years, g19 have no idea whatsoever.

Covert Carry

Tan Starting pistol
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Milt Sparks Versa Max II or Summer Special
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I carry my Glock 19 in one of these:
Ohio Special IWB - MidWorld Holster
Oh I should also point out I'm lefthanded, my 1911 is full sized
The Ohio specials look decent, I recall seeing a fellow on here making a leather kydex combo...but he wasn't taking orders, dang I never book marked.
I have the two exact guns you mentioned, OP. Galco Double Time kydex holsters for both. Very comfortable.
SHTF Gear ...... i have three of them
I carry my G19 in a MIC holster. Best holster under $20. It's essentially a piece of kydex that snaps over the trigger guard. You then carry it anywhere on the waistband. A string loops around your belt so you simply draw your sidearm in a swift motion to remove the snug holster. Works great.
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. I'm an aiwb guy. This is a Garrett industries silent thunder slim leather lined kydex. I have three of them.
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Use a milt sparks summer special or a rosen workman
I love my Galco Summer Comfort--similar to the milt sparks summer special...
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