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1911 Grips from Hakan Pek

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1911 grips from Hakan Pek.

Got another email from Hakan this morning, he sent along a pic of the grips he's just finished for my Mil-Spec: Turkish Walnut, "Half and Half" texture finish straight from Norway - Life is Good! I'll get some pics with them on the Springfield once they make it home but until then ....

Check out the rest of his work at
Man, waiting on these and Gary's MaxCon V to come in at the same time is almost more than I can take! :banana:
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Those are awesome looking! You'll have one sweeeet set-up once you have everything. You've picked from some of the best craftsmen in the business. :congrats:
Those grips will certainly add to your pistol. Great looking!!!
Jack - one word - ''exquisite'' :smilez:

I have yet to see grips he has made which are other that just that!
Thanks guys! Both orders are on their way now and I'm worse than a kid at Christmas. To beat all, his prices are better than a lot of what I've seen from other sources.

I may try to track down a CZ as my next purchase just to see what Hakan can come up with. :biggrin:
Nice grips Jack, what are you putting them on?
Those are absolutely gorgeous!!!!
Very nice! I love Pek's CZ grips too.
Beautiful Grips

"Book Matched" Walnut & the angle of the grain pattern perfectly tied in to the texturing. Super nice grips.:yup:
Thanks for posting a photo of them.
Fantastic looking talented wood work always brings a smile to my face.
Thanks again guys, these are headed for my Springfield Mil-Spec. Good eye on the bookmatching QK, I was just marvelling at that myself - looking at the stippled area, I can barely make out another set of lighter streaks there too.

Thanks for moving the thread Gary, I thought this folder was more for flashlights, OC and stuff like that :doh:.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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