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1911 guys - some drool here surely !!

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OK folks - this has to be desirable? Guy I am doing some work for (the same guy for whom I recently reassembled his Randall - and posted about it) - came round today and brought this gun. I snatched a quick pic. Second pic is exposed less to show better the legend stamped on slide.

Appears to be bright chromed and pretty sure never shot - but wait, there's more!!! It is one of a PAIR!! It has a TWIN! Slightly different wood color display box but otherwise same - shown so that right side on display. Imagine these gems on your wall. Ok - not shooters because of their nature but - darned nice to have!

Genuine Colt, prancing pony and all - what could these be worth? I doubt he is looking to sell but sure would be nice to know a value. I have guessed and felt they must be worth a fair wedge as a pair. What say y'all?

Sorry - trying to get pics to show - patience! - OK - syntax error ..........


As an aside - he brought and also showed me a LNIB Win94, John Wayne Commemorative - never fired he reckons - label still attached. Sorry no pic but, some engraving on action sideplates and - caliber 32-40. ........ pristine condition. It has the over-size lever loop for hand. I may get a pic eventually but didn't have the time today.

This too has to be worth a bit - and tho box has some handling wear otherwise all as new, complete with paperwork.

Oh my - I did some drooling :smilez:

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Not for me either...
There ya go Bud, Tony - OK now.

His Dad got them I believe around 1972
Nice, but not for me. Guns are tools and are to be used. I am amazed at all the comemerative guns they always are trying to sell.
Same here Rocky - I had a nice 1st Cav commem' - but sold it back to guy I bought it from. That turned into the SIG 220 I bought from Gary :wink:

That said - fine guns are fine guns and there are collectors out there, whereby just possession is nice - I sure would not mind having these on my wall - plenty of other stuff to shoot :smilez:
OD - be delighted to have your esteemed opinion on this too :smilez:
rocky said:
Nice, but not for me. Guns are tools and are to be used.
i agree. my springfield tactical response is as much a work of art as it is a weapon. for that very reason its stuck on the safe shelf more often than not. i just cant bring myself to subject it to the daily abuses that my carry weapons are put through.
Thanks Chris, but esteemed? I've never called you names. :wink: :biggrin2:

That one, I'd have to look up Chris, I'm not all that familiar with it. In all honesty though, commemoratives rarely bring what people expect them too. We recently took in a very nice WWI, Belleau Woods Colt Commemorative, book lists it at $800-900 for NIB, about what you'd pay for a standard Colt.

The John Wayne Commemorative, which one is it, do you know? There were four different ones offered in 1981. The John Wayne Commemorative, pewter plated receiver 49000 mfg. with optional wall rack w/ leather Stagecoach scene insert, add $450.
With the optional Bianchi leather scabbard, add an additional $450.

The John Wayne "DUKE" 1000 mfg.
Same engraving as the above model except deeper cut, antique gold plated receiver, lever , bands, high polish blue, XXX wood w/ walnut Presentation Case.

John Wayne "Duke" matched set of 300.

John Wayne (Canadian) 1000. mfg.
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Well, this guy is asking $1,750.00 for his.
Thx OD - indeed yes it does seem prices commanded are lower than some folks imagine. Guess it's a case of finding right buyer etc.

Mind you this guy is not looking to sell really - just learning more about them as he was very much in the dark.

Hmmm that John Wayne - do wish I'd snapped a pic or two now. No scabbard I know of. The receiver is I guess pewter plated and a fairly modest but pleasing engraving. Maybe I'll get a pic eventually.

Anyways - much appreciate the feedback and will pass it on. :smilez:
I wasn't much help Chris, but you're welcome my friend.
Years ago I had the full set of six. Four were from WWI and the other two were from WWII. The WWI pistols had a black finish with the roll engraving filled with gold paint. There were 3 grades of these pistols. This looks like it was the same grade that I had, the bottom level. Very pretty, but as far as an investment goes, I got about the same as if I had put the money in a bank savings account. But I did have the enjoyment of owning them for a few years.
I'm not a collector either. Drives me crazy not to be able to shoot one. However I can still drool all over the puter screen. Great pics Chris.

Feel free to let the owner know that I would be willing to "Part" with a 15 year old male offspring, (mostly) housebroken, very well suited for "domestic consumables reduction" work of almost any kind, in exchange for his "twins".

The offspring should work well for years to come, as he's never done a lick of work for me, or anyone else for that matter.

Kerry :rofl: - not so sure that's a great trade :wink:
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