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1911 holster advice

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With my recent 1911's purchase (see GUN DISC.) came a new bianchi shadow pancacke holster for the officers model. it is new, hard and rigid. do I need to wet mold this holster or do I just wear it with the firearm enough to break it in?
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I have never had to wet mold any holster that I purchased. All I have done is wore the firearm in the holster while around the house. If its super tight you can put it in a plastic bag and leave the gun in the holster to stretch it out, but remember if you get the leather too stretched out there isn't much you can do to get it tight again. I'm sure some of the holster makers will chime in with some more info.
I just wear them. They seem to form to my hip (or wherever) within a few days.
Wear it a bit and it should start molding to you
Have to agree with the others: Bag it for a few hours if you need to but other than that, just wear it a while and practice your draw (with unloaded gun) repeatedly - it'll break in on its own shortly.

I take it you jumped on that deal then? Good decision!
yeah ..i jumped on it...i didn't really have a choice for that price.
pics coming tomorrow

i will post tomorrow, have some free time then.
Once you start wearing it the heat from your body will soften the leather. As an ex shoerepairman I know leather softens when low heat is applied.
Try this stuff from Mitch Rosen. Works great and won't harm the gun or holster.
im afraid the original post is unclear to me , is the holster binding on the pistol or is it a comfort issue ? ( binding on the user lol ) the solutions would be different so i cannot comment without more info than i see here
Leather Lightning

It's in Miscellaneous on the Rosen Site.

Leather Lightning™ is applied to the inside of a holster to produce a very slick draw. Even the most tightly boned holsters, a hallmark of my gun leather, will now be able to be effortlessly broken in as you carry your handgun...without compromising a fast, smooth presentation. Leather Lightning is a surface treatment for leather and will therefore not be absorbed by the leather, nor harm the finish of your firearm. This will not alter the original fit. Mitch Rosen is the sole distributor of Leather Lightning. Leather Lightning is a trademark of Phoenix Armory, Inc.


PRICE: $12.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling
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Galco makes soem stuff to you can pick it up local and save soem cash wolverine in brownstown has it ..
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