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1911 sights

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Are all 1911 sights the same? By that I mean are they a universal fit? Looking to upgrade my sights, but I don't want to drop a bill and the sights not fit.
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No, different guns may have different sight cuts.
What do you have?

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Absolutely they do NOT all have the same cut for sights.

What make and model 1911 do you have? We can direct you from there.

Some pistols will require hand fitting.
Not all the same...even different Glocks, that look alike, have different site fits.
You local gun shop should quickly help you out, or google the info.
I have the magnum research "desert eagle" 1911c. The manual doesn't specify the cut
SightsHigh profile sculptured rear sight, drift adjustable for windage, pinned in front sight blade with horizontal serrations

Is what magnum researches website says.
Is dove tail the cut?
Yes and no, the dove tail is a type of cut, but different makers have different specs for the cut. Best to contact Desert Eagle or call up Brownells and speak with a gun tech.

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