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1911's rear sight won't let it fit my maxcon v,what to do?

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I have a colt series 80 on layaway at my local shop and upon trying it the gun woulden't fit all the way into my maxcon v holster.
The rear sight of the gun prevented this,the sight was too wide to pass the sweatshield of the maxcon v.
The gun has an ajustible target sight is there anything I can do about this?
If I have to change the rear sight out can u recommend one thats adjustible but will let the gun fit my holster?
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I'd call Gary Brommeland, maybe he can refit your holster to allow it to fit properly. He seems like a pretty nice guy so I'm willing to be it could be done and probably fairly quick.
I agree i would call Gary first before doing anything else
How about a "meltdown" on the rear sight? A friend (Rhome, the other holster guy, and is a member here), did a meltdown on my Springfield Champion, and included the adjustable target sights. Worked beautifully.
There are 2 questions I always ask before making any 1911 holster:
1. What type of rear sight does it have?
2. Does it have an ambi-safety and if so what make?
I was consistently modifying 1911 rigs before I started asking this a few years ago. Haven't had a problem with one since.
Thanks guys I diddn't even think of having the rear sight dehorned sounds like thats the ticket,but I'll call gary just for the heck of it tomorow and see what he says thanks.
Your holster was made for a Colt Government Model. On the phone, I understood you to have said that it fit perfectly (once you found some wax paper). Are you now trying to get it to fit a different gun (a Gold Cup, perhaps)? Please advise.
Gary I'am very sorry for any misunderstanding the holster does fit great and is the best IWB i've found for carrying this gun. I should have worded it differantly I have another colt 1911 with a millet rear target sight and that gun's sight is to big to clear the sweat sheild on my maxcon v,but the holster itself is fine and very well made. It is the gun thats the issue not the holster itself again sorry for any misunderstanding you make a fine product and I look forward to ordering from you again.
Don't sweat it - I'm glad that it is working out for you - at least for the gun that I made it for. :smile:
If you send me a photocopy of the new 1911 with the Millet rear, I will be able to make a Max-Con V that will fit it. Thanks again!
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