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2 Questions S&W and Bersa

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1. I just got a S&W Tactical 45 model number 4513TSW a couple months ago. When I got S&W's new 2005 catalog this gun was not in there, just a 9MM and a .40 Tactical....not the 45. Anybody know why?

2. I also have a Bersa Thunder 380 and I just love this gun. I see that they are coming out with a CC model and I cant find anything about this gun. I think it will be out the end of October. Anybody else but me interested in this gun?

BTW, this is my first post so bear with me :chairshot
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Welcome again HV. :smile:

Cannot comment on the Smith but - I do have a duo-tone Thunder and find it a very likeable gun. Mine has performed perfectly and could well be it may become my wife's carry tho for now she still has her (my old) M85 snub as a purse gun.

I tend to prefer to stoke that gun with just plain ol' FMJ as against HP ammo - I don't think HP will do a whole lot more, plus the fact that FMJ is that tad more reliable on feed IMO.

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The Bersas are nice. I've stupidly passed on two good deals on them.
Bersa seems nice, but have hear reports of em wearing out if you shoot em aloot. Maybe some owners who shoot em a bunch can tell ya more. As for the .45 tac. , who knows, maybe they are replacing it with the M&P.
hear reports of em wearing out if you shoot em a lot
Rocky - you may be right - but I do regard any handgun based on an aluminum frame as (relatively), shoot reasonably but not too excess - and maybe carry a lot.

I doubt that any Al frame gun will get close to the longevity of a steel thru and thru - but with some moderation I think they will hold up just fine - not therefore a regular high thruput range plinker but more just practice generously, then carry.

My Rohrbaugh R9 is in this category - made to be a defence weapon that will easily conceal and yet still deliver a 9mm message.!
About the Bersa Thunder I was asking about, they have a new model of 380 coming out this month called the Thunder Concealed Carry. It is also a 380 but a bit smaller and all black. I seen it on their website. I asked my local gun store to get me one. Wondering if anybody else has heard of it or seen one at a gun show. It looks pretty sweet to me for a small gun.
Not seen about that HV but even if all that was around was the Thunder I have - I'd say it was well concealable as it is.

On the rare occasion mine does go out it is in a fanny pack. A bit smaller I guess would be no bad thing if performance is still up there.
I also have a Thunder 380 and I am very happy with it. I haven't shot thousands of rounds through it and I doubt I will.
I also put a clipdraw on the slide and it works pretty slick.

Edit-That's not my gun or me in the pic.
Bersa Thunders - If you're going to CC it and you aren't on a budget, get two, shoot one, test fire the other one to make sure it's okay, then carry one and shoot the other. It'll probably take a few thousand rounds before there's any trouble.
The CC hasn't been released as far as I know. Its smaller but at what price The Hammer has been cut down along with the tang. I wonder will the new Bersa suffer from slide bite like the PPK. The sights are very small. They also shortend the barrel. Which equals slower bullet and 380 not a power house as is. Weight is down couple oz. That means more recoil on this blow back pistol. I like my Thunder and think I'll keep it. Come visit at
This Michael T is probably the 2nd to 4th most knowledgeable expert on the Bersa line. I know a little, and know that it is one heck of a gun. Very few problems. 95% + come out of the box without a hickup. VERY few need slight adjustments, and it has a lifetime warranty for the first owner. I carry it. It's light and hella fun to shoot.
A member Horge on THR runs a very informative web site

Worth a look for those interested.
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