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Preliminary data from the FBI for 2005 felonious deaths. Be careful out there. Drive carefully, too. Once again the stats show we're our own worst enemy.

55 law enforcement officers were feloniously killed
28 of the victim officers were killed in the South
10 in the Midwest
10 in the West
5 in the Northeast
2 slain in Puerto Rico
2 less than 2004 total

15 deaths traffic pursuits/stops
8 died during arrest situations
8 during ambush situations
7 died responding to disturbance calls
7 while investigating suspicious persons/circumstances
4 while conducting investigative activities
3 during tactical situations
2 were killed by mentally deranged persons
1 while handling and transporting prisoners.

50 officers killed with firearms
42 were killed with handguns
5 with shotguns
3 were shot with a rifle
5 officers were killed with vehicles.

34 law enforcement officers were wearing body armor
15 fired their own weapons
6 officers attempted to fire their weapons
9 had their weapons stolen
6 officers were killed with their own weapons.

53 separate incidents in 2005
55 law enforcement officer deaths

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My heart and prayers go to the families of these fallen heroes.

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Thoughts and prayers go out to their families and friends...Rest in Peace.

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We went through a nasty spell

4 RCMP guarding a crime scene were ambushed and killed early morning by the returning owner with a G3. He had been barred from having firearms and was a long term troublemaker. The BG was wounded and then took his own life.

Female Surte’ Quebec Police, was killed answering a disturbance complaint against a known troublemaker in an apartment, she banged on the door and stepped to the side, he fired a Lapu .338 (?) hunting rifle through the wall, piercing her armour and killing her.

Toronto detective off duty approached to kids selling drugs, he was gunned down by them, they took off but were arrested shortly after.
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