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2006 Preview – Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts LLC

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Due to numerous requests for our 2006 schedule of events and general PFC training inquiries, we would like to let CombatCarry members know what is on tap for next year...

This has been an incredible year for PFC and we expect 06 to be even better with new projects, new courses, and more of the same high intensity training we’ve become known for. So far there is a good mix of events scheduled in different cities around the Country as well as at our home facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada. All of the below events are currently posted on our website’s Schedule page and include detailed descriptions, costs, and enrollment instructions.

Jan 17, Live Fire Range Operator – Las Vegas, NV
Jan 18, Defensive Shotgun Skills – Las Vegas, NV
Jan 19-22, Hochheim Group Counter-Crime School (CQC Camp) – Las Vegas, NV

March 6-10, PROTOCOM Tier-1 (100-400) – Las Vegas, NV

May 19-21, Searching For Adversaries (w/ low-light & FoF) – Las Vegas, NV

June 3-4, Fighting With Firearms GEN-2; Movement Under Fire – Skaneateles, NY

July 29-30, Fighting With Firearms – Portland, OR

August 26-27, Fighting With Firearms – Denver, CO

Sept 18, Defensive Carbine Operator – Las Vegas, NV
Sept 19-20, Combative Carbine Skills – Las Vegas, NV
Sept 21-22, Advanced Individual Carbine – Las Vegas, NV
Sept 23, Advanced Team Carbine – Las Vegas, NV

Oct 21-22, Fighting With Firearms – San Antonio, TX

Nov 13-17, PROTOCOM Tier-2 (500-700) – Las Vegas, NV

Dec 9-10, Fighting With Firearms GEN-2; Movement Under Fire – San Diego, CA

For those of you who haven’t seen it, our new ‘Profile’ DVD is available, which provides a look into the world of PFC training, our programs, instructors, facilities, philosophy, etc. This is a very high quality, well produced video containing a great deal of exciting and real-time footage…from both training and real world events. To get your FREE copy, email us with your name and a good physical mailing address and one will be shipped to you at no cost.

Thanks for your continued support and we hope to train with you in 06!

Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts LLC
[email protected]
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